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Biblical Spirituality

The Ph.D. in Biblical Spirituality focuses on the pursuit of piety in both the individual Christian and the local church. This degree is offered in a modular format and centers on the nature, theology, purpose and practice of biblical spirituality.


Incoming Ph.D. students are matched with a supervisor from our world-class faculty who shares their research interests. Professors who can supervise students in this area are:
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Joe Harrod

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Michael A. G. Haykin

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Donald S. Whitney

Seminars provide students the opportunity to engage in focused study on key subjects in their academic discipline. The following list is a sampling of available courses in this area:

80912 Classics of Christian Spirituality

This course acquaints students with authors and texts from across the span of Christian history with a special emphasis on writings from the 17th-19th centuries. Each work is considered a “classic,” an enduring text recognized for its contribution to Christian spirituality and devotion.

88930 Contemporary Spirituality

The term “spiritual” does not refer to the immaterial as opposed to the corporeal. Nor does it refer to the spiritual part of a person instead of the material.  Rather, the term “spiritual” refers to that which is related to the Holy Spirit. This seminar will study how the Holy Spirit’s work of renewal is understood in the contemporary context. This will include theological, methodological, and practical foci.

88805 Biblical Foundations for Spirituality

The purpose of this seminar is to study the biblical foundations of Christian spirituality. This study will be juxtaposed with the Christian mystical tradition which seeks the bare communion of the soul with God whereby the Creator/creature distinction is no longer perceived.

88910 Reformation & Puritan Spirituality

This seminar explores the Reformed and Puritan eras of biblical spirituality. The reformers and Puritans emphasized the importance of knowing God through His revelation in Scripture, in contrast to the Platonic/Neo-Platonic/Gnostic mystical tradition in the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox traditions.  They focused on the word, spoken and written, arguing that the Holy Spirit illuminates what He then inspired.

88935 Patristic, Celtic, & Anglo-Saxon Spirituality

This seminar provides a detailed study of three major traditions of Christian spirituality in the period between the Apostolic Fathers and the end of the Patristic era.  The focus will be primarily upon the Greek, Latin, and Syriac patristic traditions, as well as the Irish Celtic and Anglo-Saxon traditions.


If you are interested in applying for the Ph.D. in this area of study, learn more about the Admissions Process. To prepare for the entrance exam in this area of study, consult the study guide.