Preaching to sinners

I am a sinner preaching to sinners

Jeff Robinson — January 17, 2017

I have served as a pastor around six years now, and one reality I still cannot reconcile is the notion of preaching to other people the myriad texts (all of them, so far) I find exceedingly difficult to obey myself. I preach about slaying the deadly viper of pride, but then I am proud of … Continued

Preaching hangover featured

Five ways to fight “preaching hangover”

Brian Croft — January 10, 2017

  You may call it something different, but every pastor knows it well. It is the mental, emotional, and spiritual crash that takes place on Monday as a result of pouring your heart and soul out in the proclamation of God’s Word to God’s people the day before. Personally, it has affectionately become known as, … Continued

Desiring the disciplines—A matter of the heart

David Schrock — January 6, 2017

Often, when we come to spiritual disciplines we list them, plan for them, and then labor to perform them. In the best scenario, we realize—sooner rather than later—we can’t do them apart from the power of the Holy Spirit. And so we pray and ask God to help us. Yet, such an approach may go … Continued

Once a student, now a shepherd: Life after seminary

Daniel Darling — January 3, 2017

You are about to take your last few classes. You are ordering the gown and inviting your friends and family to graduation. You are freshening up your resume in hopes of landing in ministry somewhere. Before you launch into this next phase of your life, stop and thank the Lord for the rare privilege of … Continued

videos 2016

Most viewed videos of 2016

Editors — December 29, 2016

One of the top trends of 2016 was the continued growth of online video. This trend held true with videos captured and produced by our talented Southern Productions team. In the past year we saw unprecedented growth in video views whether they were for live events, music videos, or other types of content. Below we have pulled … Continued

most read-social

10 most read articles of 2016

Editors — December 21, 2016

Around this time each year we like to look back at the content we published over the past year to see what resonated with you, the reader. Our focus at The Southern Blog has been to produce content that serves the pastor, missionary, and/or church leader. As you serve the church, we strive to serve … Continued

God sometimes moves us through good books

Tabor Laughlin — December 15, 2016

Sometimes at certain times in our lives God uses particular books to move us in significant ways. We wonder how it is that we could be reading that book at that exact time and God can guide us in that exact way. Certainly it can only be attributed to God’s sovereignty, even over things like … Continued

Is every Christian called to evangelize?

Tim Beougher — December 12, 2016

Church members sometimes wonder if they should just leave evangelism to the “professionals.” After all, isn’t evangelism a spiritual gift? In this article I offer quick guide for pastors to know how to answer them.   Two common arguments against it   Must every Christian evangelize? The scriptural answer is “yes.” But I have encountered … Continued

Marriage and Ministry

10 habits to help a pastor stay married and in ministry

Brian Croft — December 6, 2016

Marriage is hard enough, but add ministry into the mix and you have a recipe for a potential mess. My work with pastors and their families causes me to see the messiness that exists in pastors’ homes. There’s plenty of the same mess in my own home. The combined stress of marriage and ministry is … Continued

Dear young pastor, embrace your weakness

Jeff Robinson — December 2, 2016

Editors’ note: Several years ago, Founders Ministries published Dear Timothy, a highly-recommended multi-author work. The book was written as a series of letters from the veteran pastor, Paul, to the young upstart pastor, Timothy. In the spirit of that publication, I offer the following letter. I have written two previous letters on contentment and faithfulness. … Continued