Campus Life

Southern Seminary and Boyce College continue to carefully monitor Covid-19 on our campus. We realize that Covid-19 is here to stay, and continue to implement measures on campus so that we can carry out our daily routines in a safe but realistic manner. Here are some guidelines for daily campus life.


At this time, masks and face covering will be optional.

COVID-19 Testing

The campus clinic will continue to offer Covid-19 antigen testing to all employees and current students who are concerned that they are exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19 at no charge. There will be a charge for students/employees who need a covid test for travel or other personal reasons. Family members of students and employees may also be tested in the clinic for a fee. Please contact the campus clinic to set up a testing appointment.

The Clinic also offers PCR tests which are resulted through Lab-Corp. These tests will take 48-72 hours for results. If a rapid PCR test is needed, please contact the Campus Clinic.

We encourage everyone to obtain free home covid tests and use them as needed. Please go to to order yours today.


The Campus Clinic has covid-19 vaccines available for those that need either the primary series of vaccination or a booster. These vaccines are for those 16 and over. Please contact the clinic to arrange for a vaccine appointment. Vaccines are encouraged, but not required for all members of the Southern Community.

Other locations for vaccines may be found at the City of Louisville website (see Covid 19 Vaccine information) Vaccines are also available at the nearby Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market located at 143 Thierman Lane, which is near the campus. To schedule a vaccine at Wal-Mart, please contact them at (502) 893-8088.

Work/Class/Campus Attendance

If you have covid-19 symptoms, please obtain a Covid-19 test from the clinic, or other health care provider, or use a home test prior to coming to work or attending class. If positive, please contact the clinic for further instructions.


If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact the Campus Clinic at, or call (502) 897-4497.