In an effort to serve military students at SBTS or Boyce who would otherwise receive Tuition Assistance funding from eligible institutions, the executive leadership at Southern Seminary approved a full-tuition institutional grant for “active duty” military students beginning in the 2014-2015 academic year. The grant includes tuition and student enrollment fees. Internet fees and health fees are not included in the grant. You can learn more about the specific policies and procedures here.

To apply for this grant, our office requires the following documents:

  1. Application (including initialed Statement of Understanding and noting the semester/term of application) signed both by the student and the student’s commanding officer. You can find the application here.
  2. The student’s current LES (or other proof of current service in any branch of the Armed Forces, including National Guard or Reserves). You only need to submit a LES once per academic year.

For answers to some common questions, refer to our FAQ here. Please submit the above documents to Unsigned documents or insufficient documents will not be accepted.


  • Fall semester:
    • F1 – August 1st
    • F2 – October 1st
  • Winter term: December 1st
  • Spring semester:
    • S1 – January 1st
    • S2 – April 1st
  • Summer term: June 1st

If you have any questions, please call us at 502-897-4206 or email us at