1. Complete the Pre-Loan Application/Cost Estimator and email the signed copy to financialaidloans@sbts.edu.
    • If you are a first-time borrower, please schedule a meeting with a Financial Aid representative after submitting your worksheet and prior to applying for the loan.
    • To learn more about how a private student loan works, click here.
    • To learn more about what categorizes as a valid loan expense, click here.
    • Students may borrow a maximum of $20,000 per year. Requests exceeding $20,000 require a detailed explanation specifying the need for a higher amount. Special approval will need to be granted by the Vice President of Enrollment Management.
  2. Complete the online loan application with (1) Sallie Mae, (2) Discover, (3) KHEAA, or (4) PNC.
    • For a comparison of available loans, click here.
  3. Once your loan has been approved, The Financial Aid Office will certify the student loan as long as we have received your paperwork.
  4. The loan is disbursed to the student tuition account by term based on the Cost Estimator Worksheet.
  5. Students can request a check from the Accounting Office for funds requested for rent and books by logging into my.sbts.edu, selecting the “Account Information” tab under Student Tools, and completing the “Check Refund Request” form.

Suggested Deadlines

While there is no final deadline for student loans, students who intend to use a loan disbursement to pay for tuition costs should have all parts of the application process (including submission of the cost estimator worksheet to the Financial Aid Office) completed by the following dates:

  • Fall Term – July 1
  • Winter Term – November 1
  • Spring Term – December 1
  • Summer Term – April 1