1. Complete the online application with Sallie Mae Student Loans, Discover, or KHEAA. Students may borrow a maximum of $15,000 per year. Requests exceeding $15,000 require special approval by the Financial Aid Office.
  2. If approved, the lender will contact SBTS Financial Aid with an approved loan amount.
  3. The student will receive an email from Financial Aid with a Cost Estimator Worksheet, requesting an itemized breakdown of the requested loan amount. (Students can apply for funding for tuition, fees, books, dorm/rent, and a campus meal plan.)
  4. The Financial Aid Office will certify the student loan with the lender after completed the Cost Estimator Worksheet is received.
  5. The loan is disbursed by term to the student tuition account.
  6. Students can request a check from the Accounting Office for rent and books by logging into my.sbts.edu, selecting the “Account Information” tab under Student Tools, and completing the “Check Refund Request” form.

Click here for a list of approved private lenders and a comparison of available loans.