Jarvis J. Williams

Associate Professor of New Testament Interpretation (2013)

Dr. Jarvis J. Williams has taught at Southern Seminary since 2013. He has published numerous books, including the monograph Christ Redeemed ‘Us’ from the Curse of the Law: A Jewish Martyrological Reading of Galatians 3:13, which is published in the T. & T. Clark Library of New Testament Studies Monograph Series. He has also published a commentary on Galatians in the New Covenant Commentary Series. His research interests are Galatians, Romans, Ephesians, Pauline soteriology (broadly defined) in his Second Temple Jewish context, and soteriology in Second Temple Judaism.

Dr. Williams’s current writing projects include a New Testament theology of the people of God, a Romans commentary, an Ephesians commentary, a book on Galatians, a book on Romans, and a Pauline Theology. Dr. Williams has also written popular books and articles on race, racism, and reconciliation. He is currently supervising Ph.D. students working on some aspect of Pauline soteriology in Galatians in its Second Temple Jewish context, and he is interested in supervising future dissertations with this focus. Williams is a member of the Society of Biblical Literature.

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B.S., Boyce College; M.Div., Th.M., Ph.D., The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary