Equip: Practical Training for Women in Ministry


WhSL-008-2015 Equip- Practical Training for Women in Ministryile the classroom is full of practical training for ministry, Equip is intended to focus that training specifically for women’s ministry. The purpose of Equip is to take theological training and apply it to real-life situations women will face in ministry.

Each semester an Equip seminar is offered to the ladies of Southern. These mini-conferences are led by faculty wives or guest speakers who will share from their own experience and wisdom. Speakers at Equip provide practical tips, share personal experiences, and help prepare women to apply their theological education to everyday ministry.

Equip is intended primarily for female students, and is open to all females on campus.

Fall Seminar: "Leadership for Women in Ministry"

All women in ministry will lead in some way. Your leadership may be more visible – such as starting a ministry – or less obvious – such as mentoring a teenage girl. However, whatever your role, you will lead. Consequently, it is important for you to think well about what biblical leadership looks like for women in ministry. Join us Saturday, October 13 from 9am – noon to hear seasoned female leaders from various spheres talk about leadership in a non-profit, leadership in education, and leadership as a woman in the church. Equip is free, but pre-registration is required by October 8.


Equip: "Leadership for Women in Ministry"

Please register to reserve your spot at this free conference.
    If you answered yes, please register for childcare at https://go.kidcheck.com/webforms/eventregistration.aspx?eventid=15796&valid=bff23d5f94aadc6543a53c6634d4050a. Spots are limited. Please sign up for childcare by October 5.


For more information please contact our Women’s Ministry Coordinator, Allie Klein, at 502-897-4220 or women@sbts.edu.

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