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   September 28, 2015

  10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.

  Heritage Hall, Southern Seminary

  Ticket price $10


Join us for our Fall Networking Luncheon! Back by popular demand, Chuy’s will be catering their famous Mexican Fajita buffet. We have gathered women from all walks of life to speak to you about real life issues. We pray these seminars will be an encouragement and help to you in whatever season of life you find yourself.

We are offering five workshops, from which you may choose three to attend:

Everyday Etiquette: Simple ways to be mindful of classic etiquette- Mary Mohler, Third Avenue Baptist Church. Many have relegated etiquette as an irrelevant and antiquated topic in our fast paced society. Interestingly, some secular sources are trying to revive it in the interest of civility or even to give one an edge in finding a job—or a date!. However, as believers, we have a biblical basis for striving to practice good manners. “Let your graciousness be known to all” is still a mandate. Join us for this mini-seminar as we consider simple ways to be mindful of classic etiquette as well as some new things to consider related to life in 2015.

Grace Filled Grand Mothering: Seeking to use generational influence without interfering with God’s ordained order-Tanya York and Candace York, Buck Run Baptist Church. Faith-filled heritage is a precious opportunity and responsibility. Join us as we seek to use generational influence without interfering with God’s ordained order. 2 Timothy 1:5 says, “I am reminded of your sincere faith, which first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice and, I am persuaded, now lives in you.”

You Too Can Host a Meal: Learn how to make simple meals that will free us up to serve with confidence and love-Tiffany Childs, St. Francis in the Fields. We all know the pressures being the “Pinterest” generation of women, with more picture worthy recipes than we have wits sometimes! But with a spirit of hospitality, given by our Creator who bids us come to His table, we too have much to offer our neighbors. Join me as we talk about simple meals and mindsets that will help free us up to serve with confidence and most of all, love.

Word & Deed: Looking at practical ways to become better equipped to encourage others and minister to hurting women-Sharon Beougher, West Broadway Baptist Church. We live in a world where people are hurting. Learning how to care for the women in our churches is a privilege and a ministry. It has been said, “the whole world is walking around wounded”. As believers, we must take the opportunity to encourage others. We will look at practical ways to become better equipped to minister to women as we take a brief look at listening skills, infertility, grief, and depression.

Eldercare: Trying to navigate the many aspects of the aging? Selwyn Parker, Third Avenue and Harriet Pope, Highview Baptist Church. This session will provide some practical suggestions for caring for the aging in our personal families and church families.

Please feel free to invite women from your church and workplace. Childcare is by reservation only at http://form.jotform.us/22485717664160. Deadline for reservations and childcare is September 21st.

Please call 502-897-4142 to register and purchase tickets. NOTE: Free Valet parking will be available at the McCall Pavilion.

Click here to listen to the audio of the Spring Luncheon, “Beauty Out of Broken Pieces: A Life of Tragedy and Triumph” by Eleanor Moskovitz.

The Woman’s Auxiliary (WA) serves a unique purpose in the life of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, the oldest institution of the Southern Baptist Convention. WA is a vital part of the life of the seminary, where around 4,000 men and women are preparing for service in Christian ministry and missions.

For over 50 years, WA of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary has been helping students achieve their goal of being trained to serve our Lord. From its beginning, the major purpose of the WA has been to provide scholarships for women students. WA has changed the world through the giving of hundreds of scholarships for women.

WA also gives support to international students, takes on projects around the campus including The Attic, a ministry for the benefit of currently enrolled SBTS and Boyce students and their immediate families and provides donated gently used clothing for men, women and children as well as household items and furniture.


Our Early History

First born in the heart of the seminary president, Dr. Duke McCall, and supported by his wife, Marguerite, the originally called Woman’s Committee was to give a woman touch to the Southern campus. In April 1961, with the help of Mrs. Ellis A. Fuller whose husband preceded Dr. McCall as president of the seminary, the Women’s Committee was founded and the first luncheon held on May 17, 1961 with 15 women from churches in Cherokee, Dixie, Seneca, Iroquois, and Shawnee areas attending. On November 8, 1961, an estimated 200 gathered in Broadus Hall for the first meeting. The founders agreed, “Love is something you do” and adopted this as their theme for their work. Years later, the name was changed to the Woman’s Auxiliary (WA). The work of WA continues strong to this day.


Our Purpose

The purpose of WA is:

  • To provide scholarships for qualified women students
  • To enlist informed prayer support for the seminary community
  • To minister to Southern Seminary’s international students
  • To foster the development of the seminary through the active participation of women in projects to enhance the seminary’s usefulness to the denomination and to the cause of Christ
  • To acquaint women with the facilities, programs, and needs of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • To network women to work together for the cause of Christ