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the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

M.Div. – Concentration in Worldview and Apologetics

The Worldview and Apologetics concentration is designed to give concentrated focus on worldview and apologetics studies in order to prepare ministers to engage culture with a compelling Christian understanding of the world. Through this concentration, students gain an understanding of how to interpret culture and to apply a Christian worldview to issues such as those related to science, philosophy, visual arts, film, critical thinking, law and government, and ethics.

Exception to the M.Div. Core: 34300 Introduction to Biblical Counseling is not required.

Vocational Objectives

  • Pastorate
  • Preaching
  • North American Missions
  • International Missions
  • Biblical and theological studies
  • Campus/college ministry
  • Evangelism
  • Doctoral studies
  • Teaching in University or Seminary
Master of Divinity with a Concentration in Worldview and Apologetics
28700 Christian Apologetics in Contemporary Ministry 3
40301 Pastoral Ministry1 3
Worldview/Apologetics Distinctives (21 hours)
(Composed of 18 hours of Restricted Electives in Worldview and Culture and 3 hours of Free Elective)
Restricted Electives in Worldview and Culture
(Choose 9 hours of any Worldview and Culture elective)
History and Philosophy of Religion
(Choose 6 hours)
28510 History of Philosophy I: Classical and Medieval 3
28520 History of Philosophy II: Modern and Postmodern 3
28550 Christian Philosophical-Worldview Analysis 3
28577 Studies in Philosophy 3
28600 Faith, Reason, and Authority 3
28660 God and the Philosophers 3
28677 Studies in Apologetics 3
28720 The Problem of Evil 3
28970 Critical Thinking and the Art of Argumentation 3
Ethics (Choose 3 hours)
29740 Biblical Ethics 3
29477 Studies in Ethics 3
29550 Christian Discipleship in Secular Society 3
29560 The Black Church and Social Justice 3
29580 Christian Ethics and the Environment 3
29600 Christian Ethics and Biomedical Issues 3
29720 Christian Ethical Perspectives on War and Peace 3
29850 Christian Ethics and the Family 3
29860 Christian Ethics and Human Sexuality 3
Free Elective 3
Worldview and Apologetics Studies 27
Theology M.Div. Core Hours2 61
Total Master of Divinity with a Concentration in Worldview and Apologetics Requirements 88
• Elementary Hebrew (if required) +3
• Elementary Greek (if required) +3
• Written Communication (if required) +3

1Pastoral Ministry (40301) is reserved for men. Women will substitute any Women’s Ministry course 48xxx for 40301-Pastoral Ministry.
2M.Div. Core course 34300 Introduction to Biblical Counseling is not required.

That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.