Each summer, Southern Seminary offers a broad selection of course options. Whether you are beginning your degree or completing your degree, the summer is a great time to make progress.
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Online Classes

Southern offers at least one section of virtually every online course available.

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Modular Courses

These courses combine online study with an intensive, two-day, on-campus experience.

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A number of these one-week intensive courses are offered between May 15 and July 30.

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Conference Courses

Conference courses allow students to receive the encouragement and training offered by an event while simultaneously earning course credit.

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Registration Information

  • Registration is now open for all students. Please register at my.sbts.edu.
  • All master’s-level students who take six or more on-campus credit hours will receive a $150 Southern Grant at the close of billing for the summer term. No application is necessary.
  • If you are not an accepted student, there is still time to register for classes. Apply online at sbts.edu/apply.
  • If you have not yet completed your application, contact the admissions office to find out what outstanding items are needed in order to begin classes.
  • If you had planned to begin courses in the fall, but would like to take a summer class, contact the admissions office by phone (502) 897-4200 or email admissions@sbts.edu to change your start date.

Online Courses

Online course term is June 5-July 30, unless otherwise noted.

Hebrew Syntax and Exegesis
Duane Garrett
June 5-September 1

Systematic Theology II
Oren Martin

Survey of Christian Ethics
Douglas Blount

Typical Problems in Biblical Counseling
Jeremy Pierre

Discipleship and Family Ministry
Timothy Jones

See my.sbts.edu for the complete list of Online courses.

Modular Courses

On-campus dates are listed below courses.

Cultural Anthropology
David Sills
June 6–7

Essential Qualities of the Biblical Counselor
Stuart Scott
June 2-3

Family Ministry through the Lifespan
John David Trentham
June 6-7

Preaching Practicum
Michael Pohlman
June 8-9

Apologetics in the Local Church
Timothy Jones
June 8-9

See my.sbts.edu for the complete list of Modular courses.


Some of the Courses Offered this Summer:

Core Courses

Introduction to Biblical Counseling: Methods and Skills
Stuart Scott
June 5–9

Systematic Theology III
Juan Sanchez
July 24–28

Introduction to Missiology
David Sills
July 10–14

Introduction to Old Testament I
Russell Fuller
May 22–26

Introduction to New Testament I
Bill Cook
May 30–June 2

Elementary Hebrew 
Richard McDonald
May 22–June 23

Southern Baptist Heritage & Missions
Greg Wills
June 5–9

Elective Courses

Spiritual Warfare in Evangelism and Missions
Zane Pratt
May 30–June 2

Issues in Contemporary Islam
Ayman Ibrahim
May 22–26

Greek Exegesis: Pastoral Epistles
Benjamin Merkle
July 24–28

Evangelical & Baptist Spirituality
James Yuille
June 19–23

See my.sbts.edu for the complete list of J-Term courses.

Conference Courses

ERLC Academy
Studies in Ethics
Russell Moore
May 22-23
Nashville, TN

Crossover Conference
Personal Evangelism
Tim Beougher
June 11-13
Phoenix, AZ

The Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting
SBC Annual Meeting
Greg Wills
June 13-14
Phoenix, AZ

Alumni Academy: Church Revitalization
Introduction to Church Revitalization
Tim Beougher
August 3-4
Louisville, KY


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