Southern Hospitality

Southern Hospitality exists to:

  • Welcome new students to Southern in a warm, friendly, and generous way
  • Serve incoming students and their families through fellowship, community, and care
  • Promote spiritual maturity
  • Ease the transition and culture shock associated with moving to a new city


  • Monthly meetings for training, accountability, prayer, and fellowship for those serving incoming students. If applicable, please feel free to bring your spouses and children, as they are part of this ministry as well.
  • Informal, yet intentional, meetings as needed to serve the incoming student(s) under your care.

Upcoming Activities

Board Game Night – August 18

Join Southern Hospitality on Friday, August 18 from 6-11pm in President’s Reception Room for a fun, family board game night. The evening will be a chance for students to meet and connect with other students. A variety of board games will be available to play (e.g. 7 Wonders, Terror in Meeple City, Quilt Show, and Alhambra).

Contact Us

Chad Dougless
Southern Hospitality President

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