Age Requirements

  • Children under 12 must be with an adult (18 or older) at all times while in the Recreation Center.
  • 12-15 year olds must be with a parent or legal guardian (18 or older) in the weight room.
  • No children are allowed in the weight room.
  • Adults (16 years and older) have unrestricted access.

Swimming Pool

  • Children under 12 must be with an adult in the swimming pool at all times regardless of swimming ability.
  • A parent must be within arms reach of a child who cannot swim at least 15 yards unassisted.
  • Children 12 and under are not permitted to use the Whirlpool.

Check in Procedure

All guests must present a student ID card, student ID number or Legacy Hotel key to the front desk worker for entrance into the Health and Recreation Center.

Admission and Access Control

As part of our campus-wide security policies, patrons must scan their ID card to access locker rooms, swimming pool, the gyms, weight room, racquetball courts, and running track.

Dress Code

Purpose Statement: The purpose of the HRC Dress Code is to promote Christian virtue, gospel living, and love for one another in the way that we dress.

• Modesty: Modesty is a virtue that shows love to others and brings glory to God through appropriate dress.

• Discernment: Discernment is the process of making careful decisions in our thinking about truth.

• Our goal is to provide a structure that will support the principles of Christian modesty and godly discernment for the purpose of loving one another.


• Modest apparel is expected.
• Apparel with inappropriate language or pictures are not permitted.

• Shirts must be worn at all times.
• No form-fitting or excessively loose tank-tops.
• Shorts should be at a length and fit that is body-shape appropriate.
• Yoga pants are permitted.

• Shirts must be worn in all areas except the pool or locker room.
• Tank tops are permitted.


Guest Policy

  • All faculty, and full-time SBTS/Boyce employees may host guests without cost. Three guests per visit or one family are welcomed per visit.
  • All students, Alumni, contracted (Sodexo, Pioneer, Lifeway etc.) employees & other patrons may host a guest at a cost of $5 per person. Out of town guests are free. Children under the age of six are free. Up to three individual guests or one family are welcomed per visit.