Written Communication Requirement


All seminary students must demonstrate an acceptable level of written communication proficiency by achieving a “B-” or better in college English courses prior to attending seminary, or by successfully completing Written Communication (31980).

All courses in English Composition and/or Grammar are averaged to verify a “B-” minimum. For students below this standard, a Written Communication course is required in the first or second semester of enrollment. Course 31980 is remedial (undergraduate), worth two credit hours, although it is not applicable toward any degree requirements.


A student may appeal the decision of Admissions to require Written Communication:

  • The student must submit a letter to Academic Records requesting the waiver of the course and stating the justification.
  • The student must submit a recent research paper which will be forwarded to the professor of Written Communication, who then makes a determination. Papers will be evaluated based on grammar, composition, and adherence to the Southern Seminary Style Manual.
  • The student will be informed by Academic Records, and a copy of the marked paper will be provided by request.
  • This decision may be appealed to the Vice President for Academic Services.

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