Boyce College and the Campus Technology department of SBTS are working with Code Louisville to offer an opportunity for Boyce College students to learn the skills to become a web developer.

Code Louisville is a program offered through the city of Louisville to train unskilled labor in technology skills. Technology as Missions is an initiative by Boyce College and the Campus Technology department to work with Code Louisville and their model to provide our students with the skills to serve the mission, here and abroad.

Students will participate in a 12-week Code Louisville cohort, which involves a combination of online training through Treehouse and collaborative mentorship. Once they have completed a track, the Campus Technology department will provide internship opportunities to continue learning, helping to serve the mission of SBTS.

Learn to Code

Learning to code not only teaches you programming principles and syntax, but also how to think differently when you solve problems. Student will be able to take these skills into whatever path lies ahead: the local church, the mission field, or the workplace.

Serve the City

We love this city. And while we will provide opportunities here at SBTS, we would encourage students to look at all the opportunities around them. The mission field is everywhere. Through Code Louisville and our relationships through other employers in Louisville, we would encourage you to consider serving other employers as well.

Reach the World

The ability to write code and develop websites are skills that can be used anywhere, from anywhere. There is a need for more developers across SBTS, but even after you graduate, these skills can be used in the local church or in the international mission field.

Earn Credit at Boyce College

Additionally, we have worked with the faculty of Boyce College to be able to provide course credit for those that enroll in the course BA381 – Special Topics in Business and also complete the program. If you are a Boyce College student and are interested in the Technology as Missions opportunity, you should definitely consider enrolling in this course and earning credit at the same time. This would add the additional on-campus time to your commitment.

The Commitment

  • Complete all of the required prerequisites listed in the next section (typically 20-30 hours of online video coursework) prior to the start of the cohort
  • Commit to at least one 12-week Code Louisville cohort (2x 12-week cohorts is strongly encouraged) . This upcoming cohort begins Monday, January 4th.
  • Attend in-person meetups once per week from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. We are currently targeting Monday evenings for Boyce College students, but this may change depending on student availability.
  • Adhere to the Code Louisville Code of Conduct


The Prerequisites

In order to participate in the program, you must complete 4 online courses hosted through Treehouse. Completing these 4 courses typically requires 20-30 hours of your time.

  1. Let us know you’re interested by filling out the form located here This first cohort is limited to 10 students, so please fill out this form so that we know you’re interested.*
  2. Join the Louisville Free Public Library (LFPL)
  3. Sign up for Treehouse through LFPL


  4. Once logged into Treehouse, join the “Front End Web Development” track on Treehouse
  5. Complete the first three courses in that track:
    • How to Make a Website
    • CSS Basics
    • JavaScript Basics
  6. Also complete the stand alone course: Career Foundations

Once you have completed the requirements, please email and with your Treehouse profile link. Your Treehouse profile link looks like and can be found in your browser’s address bar.

If you are having any trouble completing the prerequisites, please email and let us know so that we can help.


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