Vocational and Career Connections Coordinator (Boyce College)

Student Success

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Job Qualifications

Are you good at communication in all of its forms?
Do you adapt easily and work well with people as well as with tasks?
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Job Functions

  • Provide vocation counseling and career guidance to undergraduate level students.
  • Responsibilities include assisting student with decisions about majors and course options that prepare them for their vocation/career of choice. Included will be consideration of gifting, passion, and vocational aptitude.
  • Build relationships with both faculty and community leaders with the goal of determining appropriate internship and workplace experiences.
  • Provide leadership for the design, development and execution of workshops, seminars and on-campus events to prepare students for the workplace.
  • Expand support offered to students through intensive academic outreaches including academic coaching, the facilitation of skill based workshops, and other initiatives.

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