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Software Developer

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The Software Developer will work to create solutions to problems throughout the campus.  You will define, maintain, and challenge the current reporting and analytical resources for departments such as Advancement.  In this example, finding ways to inform the campus leaders about donor and giving, and data on social and operational contexts. You will collaborate with other developers to create solutions to meet workflow and reporting needs for various departments.


  • Work with Accounting and Advancement departments to help reconcile giving records and accounting records
  • Create reporting solutions required for Institutional Advancement and other seminary departments. Provide accurate and reliable analytics to support management decisionmaking
  • Oversee data management processes, recalculating of gift tables, creating and managing attributes, duplicate management, in order to manage records for Institutional Advancement and other seminary departments
  • CRM & Electronic Communication: Supervise implementation of any Client Relationship Management systems or communication technology, and manage ongoing operation of those systems
  • Prospect and Donor Research: Develop solutions to provide important personal background information to aid directors in managing donor relations
  • Interface with other offices: Must work in cooperation with Accounting, Events, Institutional Assessment (IRTT/ATS reports), and other departments to provide solutions and consistency in how data is collected, stored, and reported
  • Will work to design, implement, and refactor SQL databases, tables, indices, views, and other aspects of our database solutions to support developed solutions
  • Will be able to evaluate the efficiency of current applications and processes and to define and develop solutions to address areas that are inefficient
  • Will be able to install and experiment with standard server-based systems and software as needed for projects
  • Will work to stay updated on technology and paradigm shifts as they affect possible solutions for advancing the institution, and will be able to discern the validity and effectiveness of new technology as it affects new solutions



  • Understand relational database design; preferred experience in SQL Server or MySQL
  • A mastery of SQL to help build queries, scripts, and views to support the data needs of the various departments on campus
  • Strong programming skills with an object-oriented or functional language such as C#, Java, or Ruby
  • Understanding of software design patterns and an ability to use that understanding to adapt as needed
  • Healthy experience in web scripting and markup languages

Work Environment

The Office of Campus Technology provides a robust and reliable campus network and server infrastructure, as well as innovative educational technology, systems, and support for the classrooms and instructional process. We offer integrated, web-based information services to faculty, staff, and students and provide timely and effective IT support services. And we have FUN!
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