Admissions Counselor


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The employee in this position will have the following essential job functions:

  • Provide excellent communication and serve as first line for Admissions Office with inquiries
  • Actively recruits students to Southern Seminary and Boyce College
  • Responsible for giving guidance to Inquiries in the areas of tele-counseling, emails, walk-ins, and appointments
  • Ability to clearly and simply articulate the nature of every school and degree program and specific requirements for completing the application process
  • Develop and present recruitment related materials (internally and externally)
  • Assist in calling campaigns during the semester
  • Works towards achieving both personal and institutional recruitment goals
  • Collaborate with Assistant Director of Guest Services to provide an excellent visit experience for campus visits
  • Host campus lunches and tours and be conversant in the seminary’s mission, goals, history, campus numbers/statistics, etc.
  • Assist with necessary research
  • Travel recruiting to conferences, college/grad fairs, state conventions, etc.
  • Recruiting Closet – communicate with the Guest Service Coordinator to ensure the necessary recruiting materials/supplies are readily available for recruiting trips
  • Develop strategic travel inquiries aimed at accomplishing recruitment objectives
  • Follow up with inquiries using all available media
  • Responsible for all initial stages of file review and application processing
  • Work with the Associate Director of Applications to implement an effective strategy for file review and application processing based on regional/territorial program load
  • Assist in reviewing and following up with different levels of applications
  • Serve as liaison to Student Ambassadors
  • Assistance and leadership for on-campus events including but not limited to:  Preview Days, GMAA, Fall Festival, orientation, graduation, etc.
  • Assist the Director of Admissions as needed
  • Expected to attend both chapel services during the week
  • Limit to six hours per semester of graduate degree pursuits
  • Weekend hours and travel recruiting is required

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