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Residence Halls

Hannah Boss (Fuller Hall – SBTS Females)



Hometown: Fort Worth, TX
Current Degree Track: M.A. in Missiology
Favorite Bible Verse: Ephesians 5:1-2
Interests: Learning about tea culture and enjoying tea with others, books that take me places, Jim Elliot, hammocking, the Kon Tiki expedition, marine biology, sharing the gospel through backpacking in the wilderness
Favorite Louisville Restaurant: Havana Rumba
Unknown Fact About Me: I have lived in student housing on a college or seminary campus most of my life.


Matt Mihelic (Carver Hall)



Hometown: Knoxville, TN
Current Degree Track: Masters of Arts, Theological Studies
Favorite Bible Verse: Hebrews 10:19-23
Interests: Theology, Missions, Politics, history, reading, hiking, running.
Favorite Louisville Restaurant: Joella’s Hot Chicken
Unknown Fact About Me: I’m intrigued by the prospect of becoming a recreational birdwatcher.

Seth Osborne (Carver Hall)

Seth OsborneHometown: Durham, NC
Current Degree Track: Ph.D. Church History
Favorite Bible Verse: Lamentations 3:12-33
Interests: Hanging with the guys from Carver Hall, playing basketball, all things JRR Tolkien, cheering for Duke University, rummaging around old used bookstores in Louisville for ‘hidden treasures,’ enjoying a cup of coffee and a good Puritan book on a sunny day at Vint Coffee near the seminary
Favorite Louisville Restaurant: Queen of Sheba
Unknown Fact About Me: Since I am a Ph.D student, I am also somewhat of an avid book collector and have accumulated a library of around 1,200 books in history, theology, philosophy, and biblical studies.  If you ever need to borrow a book for class for free, come by the “library” in my dorm room and I’ll be glad to help you out!



Jerome and Robyn Leng (Foster Hall)

Pictures and Information coming soon!


Hyo-gil Kong & Mikyung Oh (Springdale)

Hyo-gil Kong & Mikyung OhKong:
Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Current Degree Track: M.Div in Biblical and Theological Studies
Favorite Scripture Verse: Rev 7:9-10
Interests: Reformed Theology, biblical theology, soccer, Omi & John (my family)
Favorite Louisville Restaurant: Charim Korean Restaurant, Oishii Sushi

Omi (Mikyung Oh):
Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Education: M.A. in Family Ministry & Discipleship
Favorite Scripture Verse: Gal 2:20
Interests: my family, the gospel, travel, and coffee
Favorite Louisville Restaurant: Charim Korean Restaurant, Oishii Sushi


Garrick & Bethany Bailey (Springdale)

Hometown: The Republic of Texas
Current Degree Track/Occupation: Ph.D – Systematic Theology/Assistant to the Associate VP for Global Campus
Favorite Verse: 2 Kings 2:23
Interests: craft coffee and home roasting
Favorite Louisville Restaurant: Smoketown USA
Unknown Fact About Me: I’m addicted to

Hometown: Texas (we claim the whole state)
Current Occupation: Full-time mom & wife
Favorite Verse: Philippians 1:6
Interests: see “Current Occupation” above 🙂
Favorite Louisville Restaurant: Chuy’s
Unknown Fact About Me: I was born in Hollywood


Bruno & Ana Paula Sanchez (Grinstead)


Hometown: Sao Jose, SP Brazil
Current Degree Track: M.Div in Christian Ministry
Favorite Verse: Isaiah 64:4
Interests: God, family, theology, philosophy, writing, poetry, drawing, soccer, lifting weights, and track
Favorite Louisville Restaurant: Outback
Unknown Fact About Me: I love to play my Indian whistle.

Ana Paula:
Hometown: Guaratingueta, SP Brazil
Current Degree Track: Seminary Wives
Favorite Verse: John 3:16-17
Interests: Family, gospel, church, serving others, music, singing, exercise, traveling, and cooking
Favorite Louisville Restaurant: The Irish Rover, Outback, The Comfy Cow (ice cream)
Unknown Fact About Me: I was born in the same town as the fifth president of Brazil.

Jim & Pam Darnell (Grinstead)

Hometown: Wellington, Colorado
Current Degree Track: MDiv, Biblical and Theological StudiesFavorite Bible Verse: Mark 2:17 “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.”
Interests: Hiking, Ultimate Frisbee, Coffee and Tea
Favorite Louisville Restaurant: Tuscany. (Mwa! Italian food.)
Unknown Fact About Me: I once broke my wrist to such a degree that all of my veins and tendons were like a Turkey’s wattle on my arm.

Hometown: Most recently Fort Collins, Colorado
Current Degree Track: SWI and Mom
Favorite Bible Verse: 1 Pet 5:7 “Cast your cares on him because he cares for you.”
Interests: Walking, Coffee-ing, Snowboarding, dance-partying, eating frozen yogurt.
Favorite Louisville Restaurant: Momma’s. Ribs, please!
Unknown Fact About Me: I was a pogo stick jumping master in my younger years.

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