As you plan your move to campus, you may find the following guidelines helpful.

Your room will have:
Twin XL bed for each resident
Desk(s) and desk chair(s)
Closet or Wardrobe

Your building will have:
Lounges/common gathering areas
Free laundry facilities
Free Wi-Fi

You will need to bring:
Twin XL sheetsBlanket/comforter

Laundry detergent

Cleaning supplies

You may bring:
Dorm refrigerator (no larger than 4 cubic feet) [Suggested 1 per room] – Southern Seminary students who are placed in Fuller Hall will have a full-size refrigerator provided in their room. Boyce College students in Fuller Hall will not have a full-size refrigerator provided.

Small coffee maker
Removable adhesive strips (Student will be responsible for any damages to suite walls cause by adhesive strips)

One television with stand per suite (mounting television on wall is not allowed)


Furniture* (Resident may not bring furniture specifically listed under the category of items you may NOT bring)

You may NOT bring:
Candles or incense
Crock pots
Hot plates
Pets (including fish and small caged pets)
Rice cookers
Satellite dishes

Your meal plan, electricity, water, internet, and cable television are all included in the room and board charges for the semester.  Lounges, free laundry facilities, community kitchens and 24-hour security are all provided for all of our dorm residents as well.

*All furniture other than what is provided is the full responsibility of the resident for transport, repair, proper disposal, and remediation of pests the seminary deems originated from tenant’s personal furniture.

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