Foster Hall

These one-bedroom apartments are for married students without children.  Located on the perimeter of campus, Foster provides a vintage charm that is highly desirable.  Residents pay their own electric charges.  Internet and cable TV are provided.






Springdale Apartments

All Springdale apartments include two full bedrooms, a small spare room, one bathroom, living room, dining area and kitchen.  Rent includes water, internet and cable TV.  Residents pay their own electric charges, and washer and dryer connections are available in first-floor apartments.





Grinstead South Apartments

Grinstead offers one and two-bedroom apartment options.  Residents are responsible for electricity charges. Water, trash removal, Internet access and cable TV are included. All units have washer and dryer connections.







*Apartment rates may be viewed here.  Rates include cable TV, internet, water, trash, 24-hour campus security, and parking.