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Student Housing Maintenance Requests

For emergency maintenance needs (fire [after 911 has been called], flood [uncontrollable water], or raw sewage backup), call the 24-hour Student Housing line at (502) 897-4203 or Campus Police at (502) 897-4444. The information you provide in this survey will allow Student Housing and Facilities to process your maintenance requests in a timely and efficient way. Please ensure that your dorm or apartment is presentable before Student Housing and/or Facilities arrive. Also, please ensure that the area needing maintenance is accessible and clutter-free.
  • If you have a picture of the problem in your housing unit that needs maintenance, you may upload it here.
    Dorm residents do not have the option to grant or withhold permission for SBTS Facilities to enter their housing unit. If an apartment resident fails to indicate yes or no, it will be assumed that permission is granted.
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