Additional Information and Forms

  • Maintenance Requests–If your apartment or dorm needs maintenance to be performed, submit this form.
  • On-Campus Emergencies–For information regarding protocol for an on-campus fire and/or severe weather, click here.
  • Housing Visitor Form–If you will be having overnight guests in your dorm, you must submit this form 24 hours in advance of your guest’s arrival.
  • On-Campus Cable Channels–For a listing of all television channels on campus, click here.
  • Mullins Complex Internet and Telephones–For information regarding internet and phone usage in the Mullins Complex, click here.
  • Mullins Door Issues–If you are having trouble using your Shield card to access areas of the Mullins Complex, please fill out this form.


Off-Campus Move

Current dorm residents who wish to move off campus will be contacted by Student Housing during each term to indicate their intentions for the next term. Please note that Boyce students must comply with the on-campus housing requirement.

Current apartment residents who will be moving off-campus need to accomplish the following steps:

  1. Intent to Vacate Form (For Apartments Only)–At least 30 days before your intended move-out date, submit this form.
  2. Check Out–After cleaning out your unit, you must fill out a Checkout Form at Student Housing during regular business hours or after hours at Security.  Rent charges will continue to accrue until students complete the form and return all keys to Student Housing (or until required notice has expired, whichever is later).

On-Campus Move

  • Current dorm residents may request a room change during the Summer break.  Only the most extreme cases will be considered outside of this time.  Please contact your R.D. in these cases.

Additional information may be obtained by emailing Student Housing or by calling (502) 897-4203.