While graduate-level students of Southern Seminary are not required to live on-campus, Boyce College, like other residential colleges, has a housing and meal plan requirement for our students. Campus housing is required for students below the age of 22 in order to provide a holistic college education involving both the classroom and the community. A blend of relationships, events, activities, programs, service opportunities, and unstructured time together fosters a dynamic community that complements and completes the education gained in the classroom. Meal plans are required for three primary reasons. First, residential communities must provide regular, structured meals with predictable numbers of attendees. Second, food service contracts for campuses require that a guaranteed number of students eat in the cafeteria. And finally, both Scripture and society show that tight-knit communities and deep friendships are formed and maintained through eating together. We recognize that some students have unique situations, and we have clear policies and procedures to evaluate potential exemptions.

The following are the three exceptions to the Boyce on-campus requirement:

  •      Students who are married
  •      Students who are 22 years old as of the first day of classes
  •      Students who are both part-time* and upperclassmen** for the entire semester

Students desiring to move off campus but not meeting one of the above requirements must submit a Residential Exemption Request Form every semester.  Please note that students who plan to live with their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) must still complete a Residential Exemption Request Form every semester by July 1 (for fall semester) and by December 1 (for spring semester).  If denied, the student must live in the on-campus residence halls.

Students approved to live off-campus based on part-time student status must remain part-time for the entire semester for which they are approved.  Students who violate the residential requirement will face disciplinary action (reprimand, probation, or withdrawal), pay a monetary fine, and be required to move on-campus or forfeit their student status.

*Part time status is defined as less than 12 credit hours enrolled.

**Upperclassman is defined as 63 completed credit hours towards degree by the first day of classes.