In the Spring of 2016, Boyce College and the Campus Technology department of SBTS hosted a semester long course with Code Louisville as an opportunity for Boyce College students to learn the skills to become a web developer.

The students that participated in that initial cohort produced some incredible projects after putting in a large amount of work. After completing the first semester, we looked back at what we learned from that first semester, and we realized 2 very important lessons:

  1. The vision to teach Boyce College students how to code is important, and
  2. That initial curriculum was a lot for students that are also taking 9+ credit hours in addition to the course

We are currently evaluating the best way to implement a program that fulfills this vision at a pace that better accompanies the degree programs of Boyce College. Please contact if you would like to be notified when we relaunch this program.

Learn to Code

Learning to code not only teaches you programming principles and syntax, but also how to think differently when you solve problems. Student will be able to take these skills into whatever path lies ahead: the local church, the mission field, or the workplace.

Serve the City

We love this city. And while we will provide opportunities here at SBTS, we would encourage students to look at all the opportunities around them. The mission field is everywhere. Through Code Louisville and our relationships through other employers in Louisville, we would encourage you to consider serving other employers as well.

Reach the World

The ability to write code and develop websites are skills that can be used anywhere, from anywhere. There is a need for more developers across SBTS, but even after you graduate, these skills can be used in the local church or in the international mission field.

Connect with Southern

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