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August 2, 2014

Reflections on Persecution

Editorial: Stephen J. Wellum 3

Thinking about the New Covenant and Persecution: Gregory C. Cochran 7

Christian Persecution as Explained by Jesus (Matthew 5:10-12): Gregory C. Cochran 33

What Kind of Persecution is Happening to Christians Around the World?: Paul Hartog 49

The Maltreatment of Early Christians: Refinement and Response: G. Stephen Weaver, Jr. 81

“Patiently to Suffer for Christ’s Sake”: Hercules Collins as an Exemplar of Baptists During the Great Persecution” (1660-1688): Benjamin Lee Hegeman 99

Persecution and the New “Normal” World: “When persecuted, we endure.” (1 Cor 4:12): Ajith Fernando 125

Heaven for Persecuted Saints: Jarvis J. Williams 145

Sermon: “Don’t Be Surprised When You Suffer for Christ, But Rejoice!” (1 Peter 4:12-19): The SBJT Forum 153

Book Reviews 167

Editor-in-Chief: R. Albert Mohler, Jr. • Editor: Stephen J. Wellum • Associate Editor: Brian Vickers • Book Review Editor: Gregory A. Wills • Assistant Editor: Brent E. Parker • Editorial Board: Randy L. Stinson, Daniel S. Dumas, Gregory A. Wills, Adam W. Greenway, Dan DeWitt, Timothy Paul Jones, Jeff K. Walters, Steve Watters, James A. Smith, Sr.• Typographer: Eric Rivier Jimenez and Brittany Loop• Editorial Office: SBTS Box 832, 2825 Lexington Rd., Louisville, KY 40280, (800) 626-5525, x 4413 • Editorial E-Mail:

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