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Online Graduate Certificate

Online Graduate Certificate

The fifteen-hour online graduate certificate provides an option for people already engaged in service in the local church or in cross-cultural ministry whose educational needs do not warrant a commitment to a full degree program. All courses are available in online format and may be completed in one semester. The primary purposes of the Online Graduate Certificate are:

(1) to prepare missionary apprentices with the necessary biblical, theological, and missiological foundations for appointment by fulfilling the International Mission Board requirements for theological education for missionary apprentices. It is suggested that persons seeking International Mission Board appointment take 32960 Introduction to Missiology, if at all possible.

(2) to provide individuals with graduate-level biblical, theological, and ministry knowledge so that they become able to serve more effectively in their local churches.

Course of Study

42490 Cooperative Program (0 hours)

22100 Biblical Hermeneutics (3 hours)

20190 Survey of the Old Testament, 20200 Old Testament I, or 20220 Old Testament II (3 hours)

22190 Survey of the New Testament, 22200 New Testament I, or 22220 New Testament II (3 hours)

27000 Survey of Systematic Theology, 27060 Systematic Theology I, 27070 Systematic Theology II, or 27080 Systematic Theology III (3 hours)

32960 Introduction to Missiology or 35040 Introduction to Family Ministry (3 hours)


Students must make application to the seminary to begin certificate studies:


Tuition and fees (off-campus) are identical to other master’s level courses.

Accreditation and Transfer of Credits

Course credits within a graduate certificate hold the same value as credits within a degree program and are transferable to master’s degree programs, per catalog and full application to and acceptance in the desired degree program.

Getting Started

Upon receiving your acceptance letter, access your student email account, then read the getting started information from the Office of Online Learning.


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