the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Master of Theology

The Master of Theology (Th.M.) is degree that allows students to engage in intensive study in further research. Whether you want further expertise in a specific area of study or want further preparation before Ph.D. studies, the Th.M. is the degree for you.The Th.M. program offers the student an opportunity to gain greater mastery in an area of study than is normally possible at the M.Div. level.

Two different Th.M. programs exist. The Ministry Th.M. is a 24 hour degree that allows students to round out their M.Div. program. The program acquaints students with the resources and research methods of a major area of study and offers focused time for further reflection in preparation for ministry.

The Research Th.M. is a 26 hour degree that allows students to do further research normally in preparation for the Ph.D.

For more information about admissions and the curriculum for both of these programs, please follows the links below.


The admissions prerequisites as well as the application process are covered here.


How many hours can transfer to the Ph.D.? What exactly is the difference between the Ministry Th.M. and the Research Th.M.? What is the plan for the programs?

Financial Resources

Financial information for the ThM program can be found here.

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