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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about the PhD program? The following links will address many of the frequently asked questions that people have about doctoral studies at Southern Seminary. If there is something that you cannot find an answer to, then please feel free to contact the Doctoral Studies Office with your question.

Do I need to complete any research language study in order to apply?

Students are not required to complete any research language study in order to apply for the PhD program. However, students often acquire knowledge of one language before matriculation. Students should factor in language study as they plan their first year of PhD work.

Is it possible for me to study at another school and receive PhD credit for it?

Up to two seminars may be taken at an approved doctoral granting institution other than Southern Seminary with the approval of the faculty supervisor and the Director for Research Doctoral Studies. A limited amount of grant money is available for external study. To apply for the external study grant, students must submit the External Study Grant Application

Is it possible to do an independent study for PhD credit?

The faculty of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary prefers that students take courses required for matriculation as they are offered according to normal scheduling. However, in circumstances where a course is required for graduation and will not be offered prior to the student’s graduation date, or, a conflict in registration schedule potentially jeopardizes the student’s graduation, the faculty is willing to entertain a proposal for that course to be offered through an independent study model. To request an independent study, PhD students must submit the Contract for Independent Study.

How can I keep track of deadlines and opportunities for the PhD?

The PhD Calendar is the best resource for students to track deadlines and opportunities in the doctoral program. In addition, the Doctoral Studies Office regularly sends out information emails to students with pertinent details about upcoming events and deadlines.




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