the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Financial Information

Application Fees

  • Application for admission: $35.00
  • Application to enter a degree program after having graduated from Southern with another degree: $35.00

Doctor of Philosophy

  • Program Fee – SBC Student: $28,390
  • Program Fee – Non SBC Student: $50,420
  • Continuation Fee (past eight paid semester in program): $2,000/semester
  • If admitted into the program there is a $1,000 down payment due which will be put towards your program fee
  • Currently there is a $250 Student Enrollment fee collected 2 times per year

Students are billed monthly and due on the 15th of each month starting the month after the down payment.

Miscellaneous Fees

  • Interrupted Status for Doctoral Students: $ 100.00/semester
  • External Reader of Ph.D. Dissertation: $500.00
  • Postage for International External Reader: $100.00
  • Repeat Style Reading: $250.00
  • Fees for thesis, dissertation, or project microfilming, copyright, and binding are released annually by the library.


All fees are subject to change. If additional fee information is needed contact Academic Records at (502)897-4209.




That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.