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Doctor of Philosophy

The Ph.D. program offers concentrations in a variety of research areas. Each degree plan is crafted not only to expose students to advanced scholarship in their field but also to equip students to interact with current trends in their area of study. There are degrees offered in both modular and residential format. The program consists of the following requirements.

Ph.D. Program Outline

Th.M. Candidacy (24 hours)

Graduate Research Seminar

2 hours

Foundations for Theological Studies

2 hours

3 Seminars

12 hours

2 Colloquia*

4 hours

2 Research Languages

4 hours

Research Portfolio

0 hours

Ph.D. Candidacy (31 hours)

5 Seminars

20 hours

2 Colloquia*

4 hours

Guided Mentorship/Analysis of Empirical Research

1 hour

Prospectus Hearing

1 hour

Teaching in Higher Education Contexts

 4 hours

Comprehensive Exams

 1 hour

Senior Ph.D. Candidacy (16 hours)

Dissertation Writing & Defense                                 16 hours


Total Hours Required: 71 hours

*All colloquia must be in the major area of concentration.


The admissions prerequisites, as well as the application process overview are covered here. This includes information about the Entrance Exams, and Financial Information

Program & Concentrations

Here you will find all the concentrations we offer, the faculty involved, and some of the classes offered in the PhD program.

Residential Format

The residential format is for those who want to come to campus and study with top scholars and interact with other PhD students. There are a variety of concentrations offered in our residential format.

Modular Format

Many of our Southern Seminary Ph.D. concentrations are now offered in a modular format, which allows you to complete your degree without relocating to Louisville. This format combines the academic quality you expect with the scheduling flexibility you want.

Student Testimonials

Hear from the voices from the past about why you should study at SBTS.

Doctoral Studies Office

The Doctoral Studies Office is here to serve you. Please let us know if we can help with any of your questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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