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The Online Experience

Typically, online learning can seem distant and impersonal.  You can feel like you’re all alone and never connect to your instructors or other students.  And sometimes, schools offer substandard quality in the content of their online education.

At Southern Seminary Online, we strive to offer online learning with excellence.

First, we provide solid, trustworthy and quality content.  At The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, we have a world-renown faculty.  These world-class biblical, theological and ministerial experts were involved in developing every course that we offer online.  And SBTS has a strong reputation for being a leading evangelical education institution.  So, rest assured that you’ll get the same quality education with Southern Seminary Online as you would if you were an on-campus student.

Second, we believe online learning can help form various connections.  We connect you to stellar, quality educational content and resources.  But learning involves more than that.  We also connect you to a world-class faculty.  We seek to foster connections between students in classes and throughout programs.  We encourage you to make outward connections as you minister to your community and impact the world for Christ.  But above all, we strive for our learning to connect you ever more to Christ your Savior–the most important connection of all.

Third, we strive to make online learning interactive.  Online learning is more than just watching hour upon hour of video lectures.  It is more than just assigned readings and quizzes.  We don’t want students to complete assignments in a course or a program as though it were an assembly line.  We strive to make online learning as interactive and engaging as we can.

If you would like to know more about what online learning is like at Southern Seminary:

  1. Email us:
  2. Call us: 1-800-626-5525.  Then ask for the online learning office at extension 4701.
  3. Check out the Online Learning website:
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