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The On-Campus Experience

The Association of Theological Seminaries (our accreditation agency) requires 29 hours of the 88 hour Master of Divinity to be completed on campus.  So, students can complete 59 hours 100% online while finishing the remaining 29 hours on campus.  But we actually see that as a plus.  Here’s why:

Instead of moving to Louisville to study at SBTS,  the hybrid modular courses create a flexible way to complete your degree from a distance!

Hybrid modular courses count as on-campus credit.

Essentially, you study in your course online throughout the semester.  Then, you visit the campus for an intensive two-day learning experience.  And the end result–on campus credit that contributes to your on-campus requirement!

Also, we schedule the hybrid modular courses back-to-back over a two-week period.  So, if you plan it just right, you could earn 13 hours of on-campus credit by only staying on campus for 6 days the entire semester!  You could complete your entire on-campus residency requirement with only 13 days in Louisville for your entire degree program.

Hybrid courses are a great way to learn– on campus!

We have strived to create a flexible way for distance students to complete their degree.  But more than that, we believe it’s also an excellent way to learn.  In the hybrid courses, students typically complete the content and knowledge acquisition phase of the course before the 2-day on-campus component.  So, when the course gathers on campus, the students already know a good deal about the subject.  This way, professors and students are able to focus on higher levels of learning, which maximizes your face-to-face time and offers you something that you don’t usually receive in the traditional course.

A Spiritual Retreat

While you’re on Southern’s beautiful campus, you’ll be able to connect to SBTS, faculty, students and the city of Louisville.  In a lot of ways, completing your degree through the hybrid modular courses is like taking a 2 to 6-day spiritual retreat each semester.  You come to campus already knowing a lot of content.  You get to know your professors and students, and go deeper with the content while you’re on campus.  You leave refreshed, renewed and re-energized to serve Christ as you return home.

To find out more about the on campus experience through the hybrid courses at SBTS:

  1. Email us:
  2. Call us: 1-800-626-5525.  Then ask for the online learning office at extension 4701.
  3. Check out the Online Learning website:
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