the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary


Below are some of the frequently asked questions that we receive:

1.  I live a quite a distance from Southern, will it be necessary for me to travel to Louisville at all throughout the semester?

For fully online courses, no.  For hybrid courses, yes.  Hybrid courses count as on-campus credit and require being on-campus 2 days per course.

2.  Is there a residency requirement to complete a Master’s degree at Southern?

At present, due to accreditation standards, yes.  You will have to satisfy Southern’s residency requirement by earning 29 hours of on-campus.  This may be done, short of relocating to Louisville by taking winter or summer residency courses in week-long format per, sometimes referred to as J-terms, or in our new Hybrid Modular format which is a blending of online and 2-day on-campus sessions per course.

3.  How long can I take to finish my Masters Degree?

There is no time limit for MDiv or MA degrees.

4.  Can I just take one course in a semester?

Yes, one course per semester will keep you current.

5.  I may need to set out for a semester, how long do I have before having to reapply?

As a distance student, you may set out for no more than two consecutive semesters without reapplying but you must contact Academic Records.

6.  I am interested in taking seminary courses to prepare me for missionary service, but I’m not necessarily degree-seeking at this time. Is SBTS online an option for me?

You may apply as a visiting student for the first semester, allowing you time to determine if a degree from Southern is something you would like to pursue.

That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.