At The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, we care too much about your real-life ministry to shortchange you with virtual preparation. We also know that not everyone can move to Louisville. That’s why we’ve created Hybrid Modular courses, a blending of On-Campus and Online formatted course curriculum, which allows distance students to earn one year of on-campus credit with only 16 days on campus! The Hybrid Modular 2-day on-campus class sessions place you in intensive learning communities with a world-class theological faculty at our historic campus, without requiring you to relocate.

How Does This Work?

Now, via the Hybrid Modular offerings, you can earn on-campus hours for a Master’s degree in only 16 days total!  Your Master’s degree may be earned through online courses, extension centers, or at the Southern Seminary campus in Louisville.  So, completing your Master’s program at Southern has never been more accessible than via these Hybrid courses!

When will the on-campus meetings happen?

The 2-day on-campus sessions for the full 16 week language Hybrid Modular courses are held during the break week of the fall and spring semesters*;  8-week Hybrid Modular 2-day sessions are held throughout of the 8-week term, check this SBTS/Boyce Schedule Portal .  See the 8-Week Term Info page for more information about the term schedule.

 *2-day on campus sessions held at other times in the semester to meet scheduling needs.

How much does it cost?

See this tuition and fees schedule.

How do I get started?

To apply, click here or visit the Admissions page.

If you are a returning student, you can register for Hybrid Modulars through MySBTS during open registration in each semester.