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When family, ministry, and work commitments make it difficult for you to relocate to the Louisville campus, Southern Seminary Online and Boyce College Online provide you with more opportunity to further your theological education from where you are.

What can I take?

At Southern Seminary Online (SSO), you can complete your entire Master of Divinity and only have to spend 16 days on-campus total through courses in Hybrid Modular format.  Southern Seminary Online offers nearly all courses in the M.Div. core requirements, every semester online, including many electives and degree-concentration courses. Southern Seminary Online strives to give you the maximum flexibility in fulfilling your theological education.

If you’re interested in earning a Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree from a solid, gospel-centered, fully accredited college, then Boyce College Online is for you!  To find out more, visit Boyce College Online.

How do I get started?

Just apply and register.

If you are a new student to Southern Seminary or Boyce College, click the application link.

To learn about online tuition rates, visit Online Tuition and Fees.

Contact Us

Our Admissions Office is eager to help you through the application process.  Contact them through the Admissions page, or at 1-800-626-5525 x 4617.  If you’d like to request more information online, click the request info button below.

Or, feel free to contact us at Southern Seminary Online or Boyce College Online at:

  • Southern Seminary Online 1-800-626-5525, x 4701, or e-mail

Also feel free to check out Frequently Asked Questions

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