The list of required textbooks for each online course will be posted prior to the start of the semester on the specific course page on Moodle. The list will either be at the top of the course page or part of the course syllabus. These will normally be posted as a Word or Adobe document on the main Moodle course page or in resources unless otherwise indicated by the professor.

Each student is responsible for obtaining their textbooks. These may be ordered from a book dealer of choice, but preferably by ordering from our LifeWay Campus Bookstore via the LifeWay course ordering process at www.lifeway.sbts.bkstr.com (requires first-time registration); by calling the bookstore at (502) 897-4506, or by emailing southernseminary.4689@lifeway.com


Course syllabi will be posted on the specific course page on Moodle on or before the beginning of the semester. These will normally be found as a Word or Adobe document on the main Moodle course page or in resources unless otherwise indicated by the professor. These may be downloaded by registered students.

Course Lectures

Most of our online courses feature video lectures of Southern Seminary faculty filmed and produced by Southern Productions. Video lectures may also contain PowerPoint presentations, other video clips, and graphics. The streamed lectures are accessed from the respective course page in Moodle. In the rare occurrence that a student is unable to view the streamed videos, with early planning DVDs can mailed prior to the the beginning of the semester with all media being returned at the end of the semester.  See Technical Support for information about viewing online course video lecture media.

Online Components

Students registered for online courses access the course syllabus, assignments, quizzes, handouts, links, announcements, chat, discussion forums, the list of required textbooks, contact information for course participants, Garret Fellows (teaching assistant), Professors, and other vital course information via Southern’s Moodle Learning Management System.

In addition, library resources, advisor support, technical support, live streamed or recorded chapel resources and other important program and seminary information are accessed via the website you are currently browsing.  We recommend all the the resources be explored prior to beginning the semester.