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Lecture Viewing Support

All online course lectures are in FLASH  file format generally viewed within the embedded Moodle or a default FLASH Player, like RealPlayer or LAN.  Your computer may prompt you to install or set up the default player, please  do so.

Streamed Lecture Videos

  1. Select or click the video camera icon, hyperlink or URL for the lecture you want to view.
  2. Copy and paste the hyperlink for the lecture into your browser bar and Click ENTER.
  3. If a URL in a Word document, click the URL while pressing the Control Key; accept the Microsoft Word Security Warning if it appears.
  4. The video may open in a new window and should begin playing immediately.

If you are having difficulty with your internet browser, consider opening another type of browser. For example, if you are using Internet Explorer, open up a browser in Firefox or Safari.  Best performance is obtained by logging into Moodle via FireFox or Safari.

Video LAN Player:

Also, if having difficulty playing FLASH files, be sure you have the most updated ADOBE FLASH Player.


Course lecture videos, as posted on your course site are accessible 24/7 for your viewing convenience.  Always follow the course instructor’s lecture viewing schedule.

Select the Streamed Lecture Sample for an example of an online course lecture* and to see how streamed lecture videos work.

  • Keep in mind that with continuous viewing of videos, you computer’s cache can fill to it’s maximum setting thus interrupting or preventing the viewing of more lectures.  This can be resolved by emptying the cache.

*All lecture online course lecture content is copyrighted.


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