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Southern Seminary Online strives to serve you and exceed your learning expectations. Part of that excellence is the opportunity for you to study with Southern’s faculty, world renowned evangelical scholars who have a heart for teaching students.



Southern Seminary Online provides you with learning where you need it, when you need it. We provide flexible course options that fit your schedule without compromising academic integrity.



Southern Seminary Online harnesses pedagogical and technological innovation to provide you with a high-tech, high-touch, highly relational online learning experience. We will connect you to the people, students and resources of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Future Students


Southern Seminary Online helps students from Mumbai to Memphis earn a Master of Divinity degree by taking online classes with the same world-class faculty that teaches on campus. And, through hybrid-modular courses, distance students can also complete their degrees at Southern’s historic campus, enjoying the irreplaceable engagement and fellowship that characterize the on-campus experience.

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Master of Divinity

The MDiv is designed for persons to serve as pastors, chaplains, missionaries, evangelists, Christian educators, Christian leaders, church musicians, worship leaders, campus ministers, denominational ministers, and many other vocations. Southern also offers a variety of Distance Learning Options.

Visit Becoming an Online Student for next steps.

Master of Arts

The master’s level degrees provide education for persons to serve as Christian educators,  leaders, counselors, cross-cultural workers, church musicians, worship leaders, youth and campus ministers, and many other vocations. Southern offers a variety of Distance Learning Options.

Visit Becoming an Online Student for next steps.

Current Students

Online Courses

Southern Seminary Online offers students the same excellent theological education found on the campus of Southern, but with the flexibility you need as you balance work, family, and ministry. Online courses follow the traditional terms of study and integrate quality interaction between students and professors. Online courses through Southern Seminary Online are available for students who live 50 miles outside of Louisville, KY or others who may have sufficient need of this format.

If you are an on-campus student seeking registration for an online course, please submit an Online Course Registration Request Form.

Hybrid Courses

Earn your on-campus credit while spending only two days on campus. Southern Seminary Online is pleased to present Southern Students with a new learning format. The Hybrid courses at Southern offer a blend between the online learning format and the on-campus format. Students will complete the course work online and attend a two-day on-campus experience. In this two-day hybrid course, students will have the opportunity to interact with the professor and classmates while enjoying the Southern’s beautiful campus.

On-campus students may register for hybrid courses without submitting an Online Course Registration Form.

Academic Advising

Southern’s academic advising staff is here to guide you while you work toward your degree through Southern Seminary Online.  Online students can call or email to discuss their specific academic goals with an advisor.

Technical Support

Having trouble viewing a lecture or logging in to Moodle? Please consider these contact options to resolve the matter.

Student Guides

Studying from a distance does not mean you are on your own to complete your degree. These student guides will help you know what to expect.

1. What courses are offered online?

Southern Seminary Online Course offerings may be found at the following: Online Course Rotation or on Moodle, search by term.  Check the Catalog Curriculum page for a description of the course.

2. How do I search for online courses?

You will find a list of all online courses on the Registration and Schedule page of Academic Records.

3. Can I audit an online course?

Southern Seminary Online courses are available for audit, contact the course instructor and Academic Records.


4. What do I do to get started?

To participate in one of our online courses, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary must first accept you as a student. Contact the Office of Admissions to obtain admissions information by calling 1-800-626-5525, x 4617 or by emailing Applying to Southern is easy with this Online Application.

See Becoming an Online Student for detailed steps.

5. How do I register for an online course?

Once you are approved through the admissions process, you will receive an acceptance letter containing your student ID, student email address set up instructions and other information necessary to register for online courses. All registration takes place online in Moodle; use these Registration Instructions to successfully search for and register for your courses. The required student information must be updated then choose the specific term.  If you need assistance with this process please contact the Office of Academic Records at 1-800-626-5525, x 4209 or locally 897-4209.

6. How much do online courses cost?

The current tuition and fees can be found at Tuition.

7. Can I earn an entire degree online?

Yes! Southern Seminary Online is excited to announce that you can earn your entire degree online.

There are no longer barriers preventing you from receiving the best theological education in whatever ministry context to which you have been called.  Apply today and take advantage of the opportunity to train in our Master of Divinity program while you make disciples from any location across the globe.
If you have questions or if you could use any assistance in the application process please contact us in admissions at or 502-897-4200.

8. How do Hybrid Modular courses work?

Hybrid Modular courses follow the regular fall and spring terms as well as extended summer and winter terms- sixteen and eight weeks respectively. Upon registration, access the Hybrid course in Moodle and per the syllabus or posted required text lists; obtain books and begin reading.  The online component begins with the start of the semester, with the on-campus sessions occurring midway through the semester, possibly including all or part of fall and spring breaks.  Always note the dates for the on-campus sessions as there may be exceptions to when they occur in the semester; at the beginning or end.   Note the Hybrid course assignment schedule, e.g., forums, lecture video, quizzes, exams, etc., with due dates relative to the on-campus session; online work may be required before, during and after.  Always refer to the syllabus schedule and communicate with the Hybrid course instructor with course questions.   When your course schedule is set, make your travel and lodging arrangements keeping in mind Southern’s Legacy Conference Hotel  for the convenience of staying on campus.

9. How do the online courses work?

Students registered for online courses access the course syllabus, assignments, handouts, the list of required textbooks, contact information for professors and support, discussion forums and other vital course information via Moodle.  In addition, in most of our online courses, students will view the professors’ recorded lectures in streamed video format from Southern’s secure server, available 24/7.  Streamed video lectures will be made accessible as determined by the course instructor, on the course site.  Library resources, technical support, advisers, virtual chapel resources, and more are also available via the course and/or the seminary website.

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See What Every Online Student Needs to Know for more information.

10. What schedule do the online courses follow?

Our online course schedule follows the on-campus semester calendar for fall and spring semesters. They begin during the first week of the semester and end during the final week. Our summer and winter terms follow 8-week schedule.  All term “start and end” dates are posted on the Academic Records Registration and Course information or at the top of the opening  Moodle page when you log in. Normally the course work is divided into weekly sections with deadlines. For example, a syllabus might instruct a student to read chapters 1-3, view lectures 5-7, participate in a discussion forum, submit a paper and take a weekly quiz during a specific week or by a set deadline. Chapel observance and QEP may be a course’s requirement as well.

View Semester Timeline for Online Students for more information.

11. How do I obtain textbooks?

Registered students will access the list of the required textbooks on their Moodle course site.  Students may arrange for the purchase and delivery of textbooks from any book dealer of their choosing.  Keep in mind that our LifeWay Campus bookstore is always ready to assist you and can be reached by calling 1-502-897-4506.

12. How do I obtain books from the library when I live at a distance?

The school’s library exists to serve all our students–whether at a distance or not.  Distance students can contact the SBTS library and request any book.  The library will work with you to make sure you have the resources you need.  To discover how distance students can request a book or article or to view terms and conditions on borrowing a book from a distance, visit the library’s webpage for distance student services.

13. Who do I contact with specific questions about my online course?

Please following the instructions in the syllabus or email the course instructor. The instructor email address may be found by clicking the instructors name adjacent to their course listing in Moodle or while on the course site in the  Participants area.

14. What if I must drop an online course?

If you do not properly drop an online course for which you have registered, you will receive a failing grade at the end of the semester. Please see this Academic Records Registration Policy page for details about when and how you may drop a course.  Please do not simply “not show up” in an online course!  Beginning in the 2013-2014 winter term, the online fee will be refunded only if a course is dropped before the term of study begins.  The online fee will not be refunded after the first day of that term or semester.

15. How do I find Academic Advisement?

The Center for Student Success exists to help students navigate their seminary experience “From Orientation to Graduation.”  This important services provides you with answers concerning your degree plan, course substitutions and requirements for graduation as well as general encouragement throughout your program. They may be reached by email at or by phone, toll free at 1(800) 626-5525 or (502) 897-4680.    If you plan to be in the Louisville area and would like to meet with an adviser, you may use the above contact information to schedule an appointment. If coming to campus is not currently an option, they also offer phone advising appointments. Contact them to schedule a time that is convenient for you.

16. What if I have more questions?

First, browse through the pages of this website. You will find many answers right at your fingertips. You can also access the seminary catalog online.  Second, do not hesitate to contact us.  You may email us at or call us at 1-800-626-5525 x 4701.  We would enjoy the opportunity to assist you.

That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.