Pre-field Instructions

There are special instructions below for North American Missionaries and International Missionaries.

Special Instructions for North American Missionaries

The MATSIL program is designed to allow you to take classes while planting churches in North America. Several of your important classes, including 33840 and 33860, are offered on a rotation as intensive classes. You will need to plan to spend a few weeks of the year in Louisville to take these classes. 26200 Southern Baptist Heritage is presently offered as an intensive at the International Learning Center.

Special Instructions for International Missionaries

You should view the sample syllabi for the classes below immediately after you have been accepted to the MATSIL program. With these courses, the seminary is not simply granting credit for work done on the field as required by the IMB. However, work and study required by the IMB are included as significant components of the course requirements. The syllabi for these classes clearly spell out the requirements that must be met in order to receive credit. If you cannot meet the requirements found in the syllabus for each course, you will choose other courses from the directed electives category within the MATSIL curriculum. Ultimately, the professor of record will determine whether or not you qualify for these courses.  Always email the professor to obtain the most current syllabi. 

33060 Field Seminar in Church Planting: Typically, the course of study will be related to Strategy Coordinator training provided by the IMB. This course, 33060, is a prerequisite for 33080 Church Planting.  The requirements for this class begin during the first week of the semester in which you enroll in the class. Sample Syllabus (PDF).

33410 Language Learning for Missionaries: You are eligible to take this course only if you are in the process of learning a new language that is required for your work. You must send the information outlined in the syllabus to at the beginning of your language learning process. Sample Syllabus(PDF).

33420 Cultural Acquisition for Missionaries: You are eligible for this course only if you are beginning to learn a new culture. You must provide with the information outlined in the syllabus as you begin your field term. Sample Syllabus (PDF).