Online Courses

Below are required courses typically offered online. All courses operate concurrently with the normal semester schedule. For an accurate list of online courses each semester, be sure to visit Online Courses.

Students register and pay for an online course through e-Campus, just like any other course. For online courses, there is an internet technology fee. SBC MATSIL students receive a 50% discount on this fee.

The courses are listed in the following format:
Course Number, Course Name (Credit Hours)

31980 Written Communication (2)

42490 Cooperative Program (0)

20190 Survey of the Old Testament (3)

22100 Biblical Hermeneutics (3)

22190 Survey of the New Testament (3)

26200 Southern Baptist Heritage (3)

27000 Survey of Systematic Theology (3)

30960 Intercultural Communication (3)

32100 Personal Evangelism (3)

32960 Introduction to Missiology (3)

32980 World Religions and the Christian Faith (3)

33600 Major Living World Religions (3)

33820 Introduction to Church Planting (3)

33830 Contextualized Church Planting (3)

35040 Leadership and Family Ministry (3)

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