The Master of Arts in Theological Studies—Intercultural Leadership (MATSIL) is a fully accredited Master’s degree offered by The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in conjunction with the International Centre for Excellence in Leadership. It is designed to help you minister more effectively in cross-cultural situations, whether in North America or the furthest ends of the earth.


The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary is dedicated to the fulfillment of the Great Commission. As an expression of this dedication, Southern Baptist MATSIL students receive a 50% tuition discount in addition to the tuition discount they may receive as Southern Baptists. Thus, Southern Baptist MATSIL students pay approximately one-quarter of full tuition. Students should understand that they have to pay student enrollment fees and additional fees for online courses. The Tuition and Fee Information document details the various costs associated with taking classes at SBTS.


  • A bachelor’s or master’s degree from an accredited institution.
  • Employment by IMB, NAMB, or other Great Commission sending agency. Prior to appointment, a student may enroll as a “MATSIL special student” and take a maximum of 20 hours in this status. In the “special” status, students do not receive the 50% MATSIL tuition discount.
  • IMB Journeymen, ISC personnel, and NAMB Mission Service Corps personnel must be committed to longterm service in order to be considered for the MATSIL program. These IMB personnel must be approved for the program by the IMB’s Team Leader for the ISC and Journeyman. These NAMB personnel must be approved by NAMB’s Director of the Missionary Deployment Team.
  • Students who need undergraduate hours may enroll as “MATSIL Diploma” students and receive undergraduate hours for work completed.
  • General admission to SBTS