Costs and Housing


The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary is dedicated to the fulfillment of the Great Commission. As an expression of this dedication, Southern Baptist MATSIL students receive a 50% tuition discount in addition to the tuition discount they may receive as Southern Baptists. Thus, Southern Baptist MATSIL students pay approximately one-quarter of full tuition.

IMB or NAMB missionaries (Career, Journeyman, ISC, US/C-2) returning from service within the last three years are also eligible for the 50% discount. Further information about missionary discounts and scholarships may be found at SBTS Scholarship Information.

Students should understand that they have to pay student enrollment fees and additional fees for online courses. In addition to the tuition discount, SBC MATSIL students receive a 50% discount on the Internet technology fee. The Tuition and Fee Information document details the various costs associated with taking classes at SBTS.


For On Campus Students

See the information at

For Intensives at the International Learning Center

See the information at the ILC Travel Information page. Registration is required.

For Intensives on the Field

Students should email the field housing contact (found on the Projected Intensives page), in order to ensure that you will have housing when you arrive. Please do this at least two months before your field intensive begins.

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