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Why a Master Plan?

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary is more than 150 years old as an institution with a campus that is soon to be 90 years old. We have a stewardship responsibility to ensure that Southern Seminary’s campus will continue to serve the mission of delivering a top quality, faithful theological education that trains ministers of the gospel and missionaries who serve the church around the world.

Adopting a Master Plan sets the trajectory of Southern Seminary and Boyce College toward growth and financial sustainability—allowing us to address $52 million of deferred maintenance for our aging buildings in a way that strategically aligns our campus for the future.

What does the Master Plan include?

Please see the  Master Plan document for an overview of what’s included.

How will residents of Mullins and Fuller be affected by the plan?

The Master Plan Team is completing a plan for transitioning Mullins residents into quad living arrangements in Fuller Hall by December 2013. Fuller will accommodate a portion of this move through attrition of departing and graduating residents, with the possibility that some Fuller residents may need to be relocated into the local community. For those who are displaced, the seminary will strive to provide options for pre-negotiated housing opportunities off campus. Affected residents will receive all relevant details with significant advance notice.

After the Mullins Complex is transformed as a home for Boyce College will there still be housing for seminary students?

When work on the Mullins Complex is completed in August of 2014, seminary students will still have options for on-campus housing in Carver and Fuller Halls.

What’s going to happen to Springdale Apartments?

Nothing is going to happen to Springdale apartments in the near future. The Seminary has the approval of the trustees to receive proposals for privatizing a portion of the campus facing Grinstead drive that may include redevelopment of the Springdale area, but nothing is imminent.

Where will Boyce classes meet once the college moves to Mullins?

Boyce classes will meet in new classrooms planned for the Mullins Complex and for Boyce Centennial Library. Additionally, Boyce classes will share the ample classroom space available in Norton Hall.

Is the tuition cost increase for next year tied to the Master Plan?

The 5% tuition cost increase for the 2012-13 academic year is a normal increase that is experienced every year and is not tied to the funding needs of the Master Plan.

What does the tentative timeline look like?

Student Housing – Mullins Hall Renovation and Fuller Hall Surge Space:

  • December 2013 – Mullins students relocated to Fuller Hall
  • January 2014 – Mullins construction begins
  • August 2014 – Reopen Mullins Hall

Institutional Administration – Carver Hall Renovation and Rankin Hall Surge Space:

  • June 2013 – Construction begins on Campus Technology/Accounting renovation in Carver Hall
  • August 2013 – Campus Technology and Accounting relocate to Carver Hall
  • December 2013 – Rankin Hall prepared for IA Division surge space
  • December 2013 – IA relocates to Rankin Hall
  • October 2014 – Construction on Phase II of Carver Hall renovation: IA Division
  • November 2014 – IA relocates to renovated Carver Hall

Campus Infrastructure

  • Summer 2013 – Campus Loop Road
  • Throughout Project – Improvements to HVAC

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