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Southern Seminary provides world-class training for ministers, missionaries, and church leaders that is accessible anywhere in the world and at any time of day. Wherever you are called to minister the gospel, from Louisville to Laos, Southern Seminary’s new Global Campus provides the flexibility to prepare you for faithful service.
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From Louisville to Laos

Our Global Campus provides students the flexibility of completing an M.Div. in any format they choose, including online, hybrid modular, extension center, mission trip, and conference classes as well as through the Ministry Apprenticeship Program (MAP) in participating churches.


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“Our great task, the stewardship of Southern Seminary, is to raise up a generation wherever they are found of Christian ministers, church planters, and missionaries who are committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and are looking for theological education of the highest quality.”
— Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr.

Complete courses ONLINE

Students can earn a Master of Divinity degree by taking online classes with the same world-class faculty that teach on campus. Flexible course options from Southern Seminary Online and Boyce College Online fit students’ schedule without compromising academic integrity. Online courses deliver a high-tech, high-touch, highly relational learning experience.

Get the best of online and on-campus with HYBRID MODULAR

This format combines the online learning experience with an intensive, two-day session on the Louisville campus.  Students can take up to 13 credit hours on campus for as few as eight days per semester.

Learn while you serve with the Ministry Apprenticeship Program (MAP)

Churches participating in the Ministry Apprenticeship Program (MAP) allow students to receive course credit through qualified ministry internships. MAP provides a direct avenue to combine study with supervised service in a local ministry context.

“Just because you’re retired, doesn’t mean God can’t use you in ministry,” said Richard Lane, a retired judge who has now been ordained as a minister and works primarily in hospital visitation as he completes his M.Div. His wife Sandy said their practical life experience in ministry alongside their academic studies has helped dramatically.

David Blackwell’s parents and brother are involved with international missions, but taking the leap from his Orlando middle school teaching position wasn’t viable at first. “Online classes gave me a start, but once I came to campus, I felt God saying ‘do this!’ I finished out that year as a teacher and then moved to Louisville to be on campus,” he said.

Study while you serve on MISSION TRIPS

The Bevin Center for Missions Mobilization organizes mission trips to a variety of locations in North America and around the world, and students can earn course credit through the trips. The Bevin Center provides assistance for the duration of the mission trip process including training, logistical preparation, support, and post-trip briefing.

Earn credit through CONFERENCE COURSES

Southern’s conference courses allow students to receive encouragement and training offered through a conference while simultaneously receiving course credit. The cost of the class usually covers the cost of conference registration.

Keep up the pace with J-TERMS

J-term courses are intensive classes held between fall and spring semesters, giving students an opportunity to meet at the Louisville campus. These classes meet together in either one or two-week blocks during winter and summer breaks. J-Term courses may count toward students’ “on-campus” degree requirements.

Jerry Bonney became a Christian through the ministry of missionaries in Ghana. He then moved to Massachusetts and became a pastor himself, while supporting his family in Ghana. “I read an African bulletin that said church planting is on the increase, but pastor training is on the decrease. This is a big problem. Many of us couldn’t go to school full-time, yet we’re called to minister now. I never knew I could accomplish this. Then, I saw an extension center sign and walked in to ask questions,” he said. He has nearly completed his M.Div. in Biblical and Theological Studies.

“As a student who works full time, having the option of accessing videos on my schedule was a huge plus,” said Garnetta Smith who finished a master’s degree and is now enrolled in the Ed.D. program. Smith works in the Center for Student Success on Southern Seminary’s Louisville campus as well. “I’ve worked with students serving as chaplain on a Navy warship, missionaries serving in closed countries, full time employees getting prepared to transition into ministry and also students with varying educational needs. There’s a wide array of people who benefit from these more flexible degree options,” she said.

Stay Closer to Home with EXTENSION CENTERS

Southern’s extension centers offer a shorter commute for many students who want to take courses without relocating to Louisville. Southern Seminary’s extension centers include



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