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SBTS Madness

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Southern Seminary and Boyce College are joining the madness of March by giving away books from our world-class faculty. We love our professors and want you to have their publications.

Here’s How It Works (RT @SBTSAdmissions):

-68 NCAA tournament teams have been matched with a book from a Southern Seminary professor.

-Starting Tuesday with the round of 68, the @SBTSAdmissions account will tweet a book giveaway for each March Madness game. The schools and corresponding books for each game played will be included in the SBTS Madness tweets.

-Enter to win books by simply retweeting any of our SBTS Madness tweets.  Look for the hashtag #SBTSMadness.

-When a team wins a game, its corresponding SBTS faculty book will be given away to one participant who has retweeted the SBTS Madness tweet. Predictions are always welcome and could enhance your chance to win.

#SBTSMadness Book Bracket

South Region                                                                       East Region

West Region                                                                        Midwest Region

Follow us on twitter @SBTSAdmissions and start retweeting to enter!

If you are new to Southern Seminary or Boyce College  we invite you to visit the campus and find out more!

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