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What Does a Family Devotional Look Like?

by Timothy Paul Jones – Oct 23

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Teaching Children a Biblical Worldview

by Timothy Paul Jones – Oct 16

Practical Steps to Start Discipling Your Children

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What are the 3 Models of Family Ministry?

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What Are The Theological Assumptions of Family Ministry?

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Is Family Ministry “The Next Big Thing”?

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Four Recommendations for Making Change

by Coleman M. Ford – Aug 21

Timothy Paul Jones on Family Ministry

by Derek Brown – Dec 14

Video from the Connecting Church and Home Conference 2009 – Steve Wright

by Derek Brown – Nov 15

From the Website: The Connecting Church & Home conference is designed to equip pastors, church leaders, and parents with practical ministry strategies for shepherding families within the church. Featuring nationally known leaders and ministry speakers, this conference is sure to impact your approach to building stronger families in your church. This [...]