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Book Review: ‘Spiritual Parenting: An Awakening for Today’s Families’ by Michelle Anthony

Book Review: ‘Spiritual Parenting: An Awakening for Today’s Families’ by Michelle Anthony

by Jared Kennedy – Aug 13

Spiritual Parenting: An Awakening for Today’s Families. By Michelle Anthony. David C. Cook, 2010, 219 pages, $14.99.

It has been said that the work of orthodox teaching is not only to present the same old truths without compromise but to present them more [...]

A Biblical Theology of Motherhood

by Derek Brown – Jul 30

Please click here for a PDF copy of this article.

Gazing out the window, Bellatrix despised what she saw—those smiling saps with all the children. And at the center of the melee was Prudentia. Dopey grin, doting husband on her arm, and the swarm of children crowding her home [...]

Calvin on Teaching Your Children

by Derek Brown – Jul 25

A powerful reminder from Calvin for parents–especially fathers–to instruct their children.

When God has given a man children, it is not only that he should have charge to give them bread to eat, but good instruction is the main thing. And this is what we should bestow most pains in. But we see nowadays the [...]

Take Your Family to the Holy Land…In Your Own Home

by Derek Brown – Jul 25

If you would love to visit and explore Israel but are unable to take your family half way around the globe, you might be interested in this excellent pictorial library from

From the Website: The Pictorial Library [...]

How We Got the Bible – A Graphic Novel

by Derek Brown – Jul 23

This book for kids on the history of the Bible looks quite good.  Ray Van Neste recently provided a helpful review of The Book of God: How We Got the Bible, by Ben Avery & Javier Saltres (Kingstone Comics, 2012) at [...]

A Helpful Review of Debi Pearl’s ‘Created to Be His Help Meet’

by Derek Brown – Jul 18

Tim Challies recently provided a very thorough review Debi Pearl’s Created to be His Help Meet at his website. Below is an excerpt from and a link to the article.

There are parts of the Christian life that can be easier caught than [...]

Have Our Children Forgotten How to Play Outdoors?

by Derek Brown – Jul 16

As one who loves the outdoors and who also desires to instill that love in my son, I find this article by Albert Mohler to be a helpful reminder to intentionally cultivate in my children a God-centered passion for mountains and streams; for lakes and trails; for bikes and backpacks.  In the [...]

6 Reasons to Resolve Conflict ASAP

by Derek Brown – Jul 2

Resolving conflict in a timely manner is essential for maintaining healthy, Christ-exalting relationships.  Paul Taugue at recently posted a helpful article that highlights the importance of resolving conflicts as soon as possible.  Below is an excerpt from and link to the article.

The Bible is clear. Each of us is a selfish [...]

Resource Recommendation: ‘God’s Love: A Bible Story Book’ by Champ Thornton

by Derek Brown – Jun 27

From the Publisher: In this colorfully illustrated storybook, your children will discover countless examples of God’s love from before creation to the ascension. We pray that this book will encourage your family to develop a new awe for God.

Andy Naselli recently interviewed the Champ [...]

The Latest Installment of the Journal of Discipleship and Family Ministry is Now Available

by Derek Brown – Jun 25

We are happy to announce that the latest issue of The Journal of Discipleship and Family Ministry is now available.  Below you will find the table of contents, a link to a full PDF copy, and information for subscribing to the print version of the [...]