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Book Review: ‘Before You Hire a Youth Pastor’ by Mark DeVries and Jeff Dunn-Rankin

by Derek Brown – Apr 9

Before You Hire a Youth Pastor: A Step-By-Step Guide to Finding the Right Fit. By Mark DeVries and Jeff Dunn-Rankin. Loveland, CO: Group Publishing, 2011, 124 pp., $7.99.

Before You Hire a Youth Pastor: A Step-By-Step Guide to Finding the Right Fit is a much-needed [...]

Is Easter Too Violent for Kids?

by Derek Brown – Apr 5

Russell Moore answers:

Every year, around this time, parents and churches ponder how to communicate the Easter story to children, as something more than dyed eggs. The problem is, of course, that it’s impossible to talk about the resurrection of Jesus without talking about death. And, in the case of Jesus, it’s really hard to [...]

The Gospel Coalition on Youth Ministry

by Derek Brown – Apr 4

The Gospel Coalition will be posting a series of articles on youth ministry—once a week for the month of April—that will “[explore] several issues in youth ministry, including its history, problems, and biblical mandate.”  They started the series on Monday with “A Brief History of Youth Ministry.”  Below is an excerpt from [...]

Should You Go See October Baby?

by Derek Brown – Apr 3

Carolyn McCully answers:

From another team of Southern-based Christian filmmaking brothers comes a new film with an unusual plot twist: a coming-of-age story about a girl who discovers she’s a survivor of a failed abortion. OCTOBER BABY (PG-13), directed and produced by Jon [...]

Book Review: ‘A Theology for Family Ministries’ by Michael and Michelle Anthony

by Derek Brown – Apr 2

While reviewing this book I was also engaged in conversation with two church leaders who were searching for insights into this very discussion: how do we practically adjust to the changing needs of families to promote spiritual formation in families without compromising Scripture’s timeless [...]

What is a Helpful Practice to Grow in Gratefulness for Your Spouse?

by Derek Brown – Mar 30

Brian Croft answers:

As a pastor, I have found a common link that surrounds the need for marriage counseling, often times revolves around this simple problem: Too much focus on the small, petty, annoyances that come with our spouse. Even in Christian marriage, bitterness comes when we do not view our spouse [...]

Replacing the Center of Youth Ministry

by Derek Brown – Mar 29

Josh Cousineau, writing at Gospel Centered Discipleship, recently posted helpful article reminding youth pastors that they must be about more than mere behavior modification—they need to cultivate the affections of youth to whom they are ministering.  Below is an excerpt from and a link to the entire article.

To truly disciple is to [...]

Phone Contract for a [Junior High Daughter]

by Derek Brown – Mar 28

Do you have a teenage daughter with whom you’ve entrusted a cell phone?  Have you thought about the ways in which you will regulate her cell phone use for her safety and spiritual good?  Ken Berding, professor of New Testament at the Talbot School of Theology and contributing writer at the Good [...]

Gospel-Centered Parenting

by Derek Brown – Mar 27

Will Walker over at Gospel-Centered Discipleship has an excellent essay on how the gospel impacts our parenting.  Walker discusses how the gospel affects our overall goals for parenting while drawing helpful distinctions between functional and formative parenting.  Below is an excerpt:

Parenting is filled with complexities, mysteries, and endless situations that call for [...]

JDFM Forum: K. Erik Thoennes on Adoption

by Derek Brown – Mar 26

W. Ryan Steenburg: What are the theological implications of literal adoption, and then what are the spiritual implications of adoption?

K. Erik Thoennes: The most powerful theological element of this issue for me has been paralleling God’s position in the adoption metaphor for the first time of my life. I’ve known God loves me. I’ve [...]