Family Ministry and Motherhood

by Donald S. Whitney – Oct 17

Twenty-four years of pastoral ministry have taught me that moms—especially mothers of young children—often come to church feeling tired, then return from church feeling guilty. While at church, they hear sermons and announcements about doing evangelism and serving in the church, and they often sense that they are failures at both. There never seems […]

Ministering the Love of Christ to Single Teen Mothers

by Mary Somerville – Oct 15

Sue pleaded with great emotion in her voice, “Mary, I don’t know what to do! Yesterday I ran into Christine, a friend of mine from high school. She led me to the Lord when we were working together at that time. Since then she’s stopped walking with the Lord, had a baby out of […]

Owen Strachan Debates Rachel Held Evans on Gender Roles

by Derek Brown – Oct 11

From Strachan’s blog:

I recently debated the hotly contested theology of gender roles with Rachel Held Evans, a talented writer and speaker.  The forum for the debate is the UK radio show Unbelievable, which has hosted some memorable discussions in the past:Mark Driscoll on British Christianity and Rob Bell on Love Wins, to name […]

The Challenge of Matriarchy: Family Discipleship and the African-American Experience

by Kevin L. Smith – Oct 8

Did God give fathers a special and specific command to be responsible for the godly training of their children? That’s precisely what Paul declared in his letter to the Ephesian church: “Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord” (6:4). But where […]

Book Review: 'Family Integrated Church: Heathy Families, Healthy Church' by J. Mark Fox

Book Review: 'Family Integrated Church: Heathy Families, Healthy Church' by J. Mark Fox

by Lorrie Francis with W. Ryan Steenburg – Oct 5

Family-Integrated Church: Healthy Families, Healthy Church. By J. Mark Fox. Camarillo, CA: Xulon Press, 2006, 188 pp., $14.99.

Family is a key theme throughout the text of the Bible. And family is a key theme throughout Mark Fox’s book Family-Integrated Church. In his […]

JDFM FORUM: A Discussion of Pastoring and Parenthood with Ken Canfield

by Edited by Lauren Foster – Oct 3

Randy Stinson: Tell us what we might do in our churches help pastors to be more effective as fathers.

Ken Canfield: When it comes to serving well as a pastor and as a father, first, you cannot get away from the fact that you do live in a glass house. Other children will tell their […]

The Church as Bride and Mother: Two Neglected Theological Metaphors

by Wayne Shealy – Oct 1

In a recent book on ecclesiology, Exploring Ecclesiology: An Evangelical and Ecumenical Introduction, Brad Harper and Paul Louis Metzger lament the fact that “people are into ‘Jesus’ and ‘spirituality’ today, but not ‘religion’ and ‘Church’” (1). Their proposed solution to this problem is, in part, an emphasis on two metaphors for the Church: the Church […]

Book Review: 'Together: Adults and Teenagers Transforming the Church' by Jeff Baxter

Book Review: 'Together: Adults and Teenagers Transforming the Church' by Jeff Baxter

by Derek Brown – Sep 18

Together: Adults and Teenagers Transforming the Church. By Jeff Baxter. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2010, 192 pp., $16.99.

Youth ministry is in trouble. Not only are most teenagers indifferent about Christ and the gospel, but youth ministers, by and large, have found themselves on […]

When Only One Spouse Believes: Hope for Christian Women in Mixed Marriages

by William F. Cook III – Sep 13

A Christian mother carting her children off to church on Sunday morning while her husband sits at the table drinking coffee and waiting for the ballgames to begin is an all too familiar scene in America today. The children eventually question their mother as to why they have to go to church if dad […]

Equipping the Generations: Teach what is Good

by Donna Thoennes – Sep 11

Paul cared so deeply for the church. Even as he considered his persecutions and trials, his concern over the churches remained his heaviest burden (2 Cor 11:24-28). Imagine the care he took in choosing exactly what he wanted to say to the churches and their leaders in the years leading up to the end […]