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What Does a Family Devotional Look Like?

by Timothy Paul Jones – Oct 23

Embrace a Trinitarian Spirituality

by Donald S. Whitney – Oct 21

I once read an article that quoted a TV star as saying, “I consider myself a spiritual person.” Almost everyone nowadays is “into spirituality.”

Try to find someone who says, “I’m just not very spiritual.”

I saw a survey where even a majority of atheists consider themselves “spiritual” people. By this I assume they mean they [...]

D6 Celebrates Six Years, and Counting!

by cford – Oct 16

Teaching Children a Biblical Worldview

by Timothy Paul Jones – Oct 16
Fatherhood and Baseball

Fatherhood and Baseball

by Coleman M. Ford – Oct 14

In a recent article for the Ethics & Religious Liberties Commission, David Prince remarks about the relationship between baseball and fatherhood:

Baseball requires a kind of individual moral courage that keeps persisting for the good of the team in the face of inevitable repeated personal failures. The [...]

Being Yourself in Prayer

Being Yourself in Prayer

by Coleman M. Ford – Oct 7

Most of us have witnessed this scene before. A prayer is requested, someone obliges, and a prayer begins. What comes next sounds nothing like the person you know. Its either timid and terse or its verbose and voluminous. In reality, sometimes our prayers just don’t sound [...]

Neglecting Our Bible Reading

Neglecting Our Bible Reading

by Coleman M. Ford – Sep 30

We live in an age where the Bible is ubiquitous. Perhaps not so much in popular culture as it used to be, but regardless, the Bible remains the most readily available book for most people. As Christians, the Bible is our ongoing source of spiritual vitality [...]

Practical Steps to Start Discipling Your Children

by Timothy Paul Jones – Sep 25

Take Up Your Cross Daily

by Donald S. Whitney – Sep 16

During the Protestant Reformation of the 1500s, Martin Luther articulated a timeless distinction between two approaches to knowing God. He labeled one a “theology of glory” and applied it to those who believe they can attain a glorious knowledge of God by human goodness, religious effort, mystical experiences, or the wisdom of human reason. [...]

What are the 3 Models of Family Ministry?

by Timothy Paul Jones – Sep 11