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Preaching Body Image to Your Congregation

Preaching Body Image to Your Congregation

by Coleman M. Ford – Jul 24

Its nothing new to say American culture is obsessed with body image. TV and magazines thrive on it, social media is fueled by it, and people are consumed as a result. Perhaps obsessed is too weak a word. Body image is the warp and woof of [...]

Dads, Date Your Daughter’s Boyfriend

Dads, Date Your Daughter’s Boyfriend

by Coleman M. Ford – Jul 22

Marshall Segal, executive assistant to John Piper, regularly writes on the topics singleness and dating at Desiring God. Recently he gave readers (specifically fatherly ones) six ways in which fathers should date their daughter’s boyfriends. He explains what he means by “dating:”

As a trend, dads seem [...]

Setting Up Your Children for Salvation

Setting Up Your Children for Salvation

by Coleman Ford – Jul 1

It’s the constant prayer of every Christian parent. Its the general truism offered by Proverbs 22:6. Ultimately we have to understand its up to God and his timing when it comes to the salvation of our children. But even if we acknowledge this truth, parents can [...]

Why You Should Think About a Reader’s Bible for Family Devotions

Why You Should Think About a Reader’s Bible for Family Devotions

by Coleman Ford – Jun 26

Maybe you need another Bible. I can hear you saying now, “Another bible? Is that really necessary?” Likely you have numerous bibles sitting on your shelf, representing numerous translations, various study notes and varying emphases. Do you really need to add another member to the already crowded [...]

A Great Gift for Your Kids

A Great Gift for Your Kids

by Coleman Ford – Jun 24

In a recent blog post, Rob Rienow observes:

How a man relates to his wife dramatically affects the entire family, and directly affects the souls of his children. When a man loves, serves, and leads his wife, he creates security for his children. The challenge is that being a godly [...]

Great Family Ministry Resources from Randall House

Great Family Ministry Resources from Randall House

by Coleman Ford – Jun 19

Randall House Publishers is offering some significant discounts on the Kindle versions of some great works from pastor Rob Rienow. For $0.99 a piece, pastors and ministry leaders would do well to take advantage of these amazing resources for family ministry and parenting. Check out the summaries and click the image to go to [...]

Want A Great Idea For Family Devotion Time? Try This!

by Bobby Gilles – May 16

Many theologically conservative churches read less from the Bible during their worship services than do liberal churches that don’t believe in biblical inerrancy.

Let that sink in.

How so? Well, first we’ve separated “the worship” from “the sermon.” By “the worship” we mean songs. And “the sermon” means a 20-minute homily that begins with a few [...]

“How a Man Loves a Woman”

by Derek Brown – May 2

Drawing from the book of Genesis, Ben Stuart helps men know how to love their wives.

“How do I love my wife well?” Young husbands frequently ask me this question, and it is a great one to ask. They are often faced with a laundry list of good tips: prioritize date nights, lead [...]

“Body Theology for Teens”

by Derek Brown – Apr 30

At a recent speaking engagement, David Murray offered teenagers some practical counsel on how they should think about their bodies.

I’m on my way back from The Calgary Reformed Conference where I gave three addresses on A Practical Theology of the Body. I also led a Youth Group discussion on the subject and left [...]

“Parents: Three Motivations to Avoid”

by Derek Brown – Apr 28

Jason Allen, President of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, reminds parents to avoid parenting from ambition, fear, and pride.

As the father of five young children, I live with an ever-present awareness that my greatest stewardship is my children. Many men can preach a sermon and more than a few can be a seminary [...]