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“Six Practical Ways Churches Can Support Dads”

by Derek Brown – Apr 25

Writing at, Tim Beilharz offers a few ways that churches can encourage dads.

God specially calls fathers to be the head of their households and to raise their kids. Decades of social research has supported this biblical principle, showing that a child’s mental, physical and spiritual health are positively affected in direct correlation [...]

Timothy Paul Jones Speaking on Family Ministry, Part 2

by Derek Brown – Apr 23

Timothy Paul Jones speaking on family ministry at the Church at Station Hill in Thompson’s Station, Tennessee (part 2 of 2).  Click here for part 1.

Timothy Paul Jones Speaking on Family Ministry, Part 1

by Derek Brown – Apr 21

Timothy Paul Jones speaking on family ministry at the Church at Station Hill in Thompson’s Station, Tennessee (part 1 of 2).

Equipping the Generations: Adoption is Bigger than You Think

by Dan Cruver – Apr 16

“Adoption is greater than the universe.”

So says John Piper, and as sweeping as the statement may sound, it is absolutely true. Because the eternal communion of our triune God is behind, beneath, beside, and above the universe and is the ultimate reason and cause for our adoption.

The eternal story of [...]

Equipping the Generations: The Needle and the Joy

by GraceAnna Castleberry – Apr 14

“You’re so young,” my anesthesiologist commented as he prepped my back for the ever-so-long epidural needle. I was in the delivery room preparing to give birth to our second daughter, Evangeline.

“I just can’t believe you are already having your second child and you’re only twenty-six,” he continued. “Yes,” was all I could [...]

Book Review: ‘Think Orange’ by Reggie Joiner: A Review Article

Book Review: ‘Think Orange’ by Reggie Joiner: A Review Article

by Derek Brown – Apr 11

Think OrangeReggie Joiner, Think Orange: Imagine the Impact When Church and Family Collide (Colorado Springs: David C. Cook, 2009), 261pp. $21.99.

Around the time Reggie Joiner was drafting copies of his second book (his first was a [...]

Equipping the Generations: Freed to Make Jesus Famous

by Brandon Smith – Apr 9

In the months leading up to my daughter’s birth, I contemplated what it would be like to raise a child. I thought, if I can barely remember to put deodorant on in the mornings, how could I possibly steward another life? More importantly, how will I lead her to cherish Jesus? What [...]

The Pastor’s Home as Paradigm of the Church’s Family Ministry

by David Prince – Apr 7

As a young, newly-married man with no children yet, I listened intently to what sounded like a helpful idea for the small congregation where I served at the time.

“I really want to see our church minister to families,” my pastor declared, “and I want my family to connect with families as well!”

To [...]

Book Review: ‘A Neglected Grace: Family Worship in the Christian Home’ by Jason Helopoulous

by David Gundersen – Apr 4

“Family worship” is an archaic phrase—and an increasingly archaic practice. It sounds austere and intimidating, like an outdated tradition for über-conservative, tightly sheltered, hyper-Christian families who care more about spiritual solemnity than family warmth.

Pastor Jason Helopoulos, assistant pastor at University Reformed Church in [...]

John Wesley on the Formative Reading of Scripture and Educating Children

by Philip McKinney II – Apr 2

In the last decade, research has demonstrated that today’s Christian teens believe in the Word of God. For instance, a 2005 Gallop Youth Survey reported that 39% of Protestant and Catholic teens surveyed said that the Bible is the “actual word of God” and should be taken literally; 46% said that the Bible is [...]