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What To Do About Bullying?

by Derek Brown – Feb 6

In an interview over at the CCEF blog, Julie Lowe provides answers to several important questions concerning the issue of bullying.

Bullying happens in every school across America. This means it is highly likely that your child or one of the kids in your church has experienced bullying. And since it has become an area of concern in schools and a focus in national media, techniques and advice now abound. CCEF wants to offer a perspective on bullying that goes beyond punishment or behavior modification and toward wise love for the bullied and the bully. We recently sat down with Julie Lowe to discuss this issue and practical helps for parents, youth leaders, and children’s ministry workers.

What are some warning signs to watch out for if you are concerned your child is being bullied?

Sometimes it is hard for kids to open up. From your experience as a counselor, what are some creative suggestions for how parents can engage in conversation with their kids?

Why do you think brainstorming is a helpful tool to teach and counsel children?

Let’s move from conversations at home to ministry in the context of a church. Where should ministry leaders start?

What if a youth leader is working toward a safe and accepting environment, but still sees bullying dynamics?

If there is an ongoing issue, what fundamental goals should leaders have when they intervene?

You can read the whole interview here.